October 7, 2022

In 2021, life happened… but what’s in store for the new year?

Happy New Year everyone!

Well the blog has been neglected for a year, but there’s more than one good reason for that.

We moved!

It’s been a year since we made the decision to list my downtown condo of almost 8 years and move across the bridge, closer to the trails. It was the right change for us. Although I do miss some of the convenience of downtown living (and the seawall!) we do enjoy our new Lynn Valley home. We also still don’t need to use the car for groceries (a big win!). Shout out to our realtors Edmonds Advantage and Caroline Baile for helping make this stressful process more enjoyable. I highly recommend them. We love our North Van lifestyle and really enjoy not needing to cross bridges every weekend but we are still in close proximity to Vancouver, our friends and favourite restaurants. It was the best decision we made in the new year (2021).

I was training for an ultra

One of my resolutions for the new year (2021) was to follow through with a big goal that I missed in 2020. So while all the stress of packing and moving and unpacking were happening, I was also training for my own Backyard 50k ultra. In-person races were still not on in May 2021, so I went ahead with my ultra goals and ran my own race… in my new backyard. It feels really great to start and end at home, let me tell you.

I had bought a custom plan from Ridgeline Athletics in 2020 when they had a sale and Coach Jeanelle Hazlett paved my way to success. I managed to get it done in about 8.5 hours, a feat I never knew I could do. (Disclaimer: it was a very runnable course and had about 1,200 meters of elevation… I just wanted to keep moving.) Either way, it was an accomplishment I was very proud of and I can’t wait to get that runner’s high again this year at Squamish. Shout outs to my friends who paced me and kept me fed and happy that day: Carmen, Adam, Kim, Justin, Annie, Shannon, Amy, Pete, Dave, Robbi and Mark… love you guys.

Dave Mallari Photography


We got a puppy!

We had been planning on getting a dog in the new year once we moved. A week or so after my ultra, Cuski and I became puppy parents. Our little fur bundle is a duck toller named Frøja (Freya) and we got her from a breeder in Chilliwack called Tollchester (whom we highly recommend). I’ve never raised a dog and had a bad experience from a previous puppy so I was extra nervous. With Cuski’s help and countless hours watching Zak George‘s videos, the whole experience has been really great. We also recommend Dogwise Training for puppy classes in North Vancouver. We learned so much in the 6 classes we registered for.


Yes we did have sleepless nights, lots of accident cleanups, some health scares (for both puppy and the cat!) and maybe a mental breakdown or two… but seeing our little baby grow up and getting along with our senior cat has been an absolute joy. We can’t wait til she’s ready to start running and biking with us. Follow her on Instagram and TikTok for more puppy adventures.

We’re engaged!

New year, new relationship status. After nearly 9 years, Cuski finally popped the question, in the most memorable way possible.

I’m aware that my blog is called “Everything But Weddings” but this is a proposal story, not a wedding haha… either way, read on if you’re interested.

We had made plans to go hiking at Cypress Mountain with our friends Jelger and Tanja (who happen to be wedding photographers). It was a beautiful, clear day with fresh snow on the trails so we were in for a very nice walk. Partway into the walk, Tanja asked us if we could stop so they can take some photos for their social media. We’re like, sure. Little did I know, it was a light test for what’s to come.

Jelger & Tanja, Photographers

While we were waiting, Cuski offered me a snack.. which I found odd that he brought a snack on an easy hike but I shrugged it off and said sure. At this point, I was more worried about the dog falling through the icy lake. I looked in the bag and there was the most beautiful diamond solitaire and I immediately said yes. No speech, just yes… and our hike turned into a little engagement photoshoot. Thank you so much for capturing the moments Jelger and Tanja!

What made this even more special is that my sister and her now fiancé were engaged just the day before. Fun fact: I was actually so mad at Cuski the night before we got engaged because I thought he had changed his mind about marriage. So I was doubting whether or not he still wanted to get married, while at the same time trying to accept that it may never happen for us and being super happy for my sister. So as you can imagine, I was going through a rollercoaster of emotions.

To answer your question, no the guys didn’t plan it that way, it was purely a coincidence. Our poor mom had two big secrets to keep for a week and everyone except I knew my surprise was coming. So it was pretty crazy.

Jelger and Tanja, Photographers

2022… what now?

Well first things first, I want my booster. I want to stay healthy because I have signed up for races and want to destroy my Squamish 50 2019 time and not chase cutoffs. I have hired Ridgeline Athletics again and took advantage of their winter sale. I’m excited to start bringing the dog on my workouts so we can both be tired together. For the most part, the goal is to stay healthy, happy, and save money because the wedding isn’t going to pay for itself 😛 And one thing’s for sure, it’s going to be a small affair. I just want everyone near and dear to me to be safe in 2022 and for the pandemic to end. What are your goals in this new year?

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