August 9, 2022

5 Inspiring trail running films

I love movies and trail running separately, but when they come together, they move me. Literally. They inspire me to keep going when times are hardest and also encourage me to get out of my comfort zone. I want to share with you some of my favourite trail running films, in no particular order. These are all not feature-length films so you can enjoy these at your leisure.

Limitless by Brice Ferré

Local filmmaker and trail runner Brice Ferré has been documenting athletes for a while now and his latest film just dropped a few days ago. He followed Salomon athlete Jeanelle Hazlett in her double Everest attempt for the Run Steep Get High Limitless Vertical challenge. Her goal was to run double the height of Everest (17,696 meters) in 5 days. She had a plan and I knew her legs had it in them. I was glued to the film and in the end, was so amazed by what she had accomplished. That’s all I’ll say, definitely watch this inspiring and beautiful film and see if you can stand seeing Mountain Highway again. LOL

The Squamish 50/50 by the Ginger Runner

When I was prepping for my first ultra I wanted to get familiar with the course as best as I could. You know how sports teams studied videos of their upcoming opponents? That’s me watching videos of cyclists and runners going through the same trails as the course. I was taken by the Ginger Runner’s film of his Squamish 50/50 run, so much that I even used the soundtrack as part of my running playlist. The track is called The Lessons We Learn and it actually played during the end when I was fighting cutoffs. I would like to think it propelled me forward and kept me going, as he did in his movie.

Trail Dog by Salomon TV

I love dogs and it’s a joy to see happy dogs in the trails running after or leading their humans. They’re in their element when in nature. Salomon TV puts out some fantastic short films including this one called Trail Dog. It’s about the close bond between French runner Gaëtan Ugnon-Fleury and his dogs, Pépite and Jolyn. Watch it, but be warned, you might get a little something in your eye.

Kungsleden by Salomon TV

Everyone knows her husband Kilian Jornet, but Swedish elite athlete Emelie Forsberg is a force herself. In addition to her impressive running career, she’s also a new mom and even grows her own food on her little farm. She’s adorable and a very strong woman and runner, whom I admire. In the film is Emelie’s FKT attempt on Sweden’s King’s Trail, a 450 km trail that hikers normally take at least 15 days to complete. If the beautiful visuals don’t reel you in, her bubbly personality surely will.

Wonderland by the Ginger Runner

Elite trail runner and race director extraordinaire Gary Robbins has become synonymous with the Barkley Marathons, hoping to be the first Canadian to ever finish that gruelling race (he’s come so close). The film that struck me most was not about his Barkley attempts (although you should watch it too). It was his Mt. Rainier FKT attempt. The focus and drive he had during this entire run was something I wish I had. I loved the insights his wife, Linda Barton-Robbins, also shared. I definitely want to visit this magical place one day, but he hasn’t inspired me enough to trek around it 😛 It’s a well-made film though, definitely give it a watch.

These are just a few trail running films I love, but I’m always looking for more.
Share your favourites in the comments section.

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