October 7, 2022
A woman working out at home, performing bodyweight squats over an exercise mat in her living room.

Here’s a list of virtual workouts you can do

With all the group fitness activities on hiatus due to the coronavirus pandemic, I decided to write about alternatives that promote social distancing. Further to my post, I did a little research and compiled a list of virtual workouts everyone can participate in. If you would like to support or engage with a local fitness club or running group at a safe distance, have a look through these lists and see if there’s something you’d enjoy.

Note: None of these are sponsored, but I have tried a number of them.

Virtual Running Clubs

With COVID-19 still a health threat, that means no group runs, no high fives, nor beers afterwards. A bunch of local running clubs continue to encourage their members to get some fresh air and run on their own (as long as it’s safe) and post about it on social media so everyone can keep in touch.

  • EVRC – Start your week off right with the East Van Run Crew. Tag @eastvanruncrew #virtualEVRC #novirtualjerksallowed in your running posts and stories. Don’t forget to post about your beer.
  • FSRC – Fraser Street Run Club posts Track Tuesday workouts you can do solo and hold virtual Feel Good Friday runs. Tag @fraserstreetrunclub on your posts and stories.
  • RUN DISTRIKT – On Wednesdays, go for a run and tag @rundistrikt #RUNDISTRIKT #norunleftbehind to be a part of this small but mighty North Van crew.
  • North Burnaby Runners – Join the NBR virtual run and tag @northburnabyrunners so they can see it. Bonus points if you post a photo of Dageraad beer, they have a soft spot for their local hangout.
  • Mikkeller Running Club Vancouver – This beer-loving club only runs every first Saturday of the month. They will be missing April’s date but you can still do a virtual run. Tag @mrcvancouver #mrcvancouver #mrcgoesvirtual to be a part of the fun. The post-run beer you post doesn’t have to be a Mikkeller but I’ll be thoroughly impressed if you happen to have one.
  • Pandemic Run Club – Not a local club but they put out weekly challenges that can motivate you to get your runs done
Fraser Street Run Club Track Tuesday before the social distancing days

Virtual workouts

A number of fitness studios and personal trainers are hosting their own workouts on Instagram and YouTube. I compiled a list of establishments, in no particular order, which you can tune into from the comfort of your own living room. Just look through their stories, posts or highlights to see when their next virtual workouts are. There may even be a schedule posted so you can plan your week.

Contemporary young active couple in sportswear doing planks on the floor in front of laptop while watching online workout
Stock photo/Motion Array

Virtual yoga

Stress and anxiety is high right now and these yoga studios are offering up virtual workouts on Instagram. Check their stories, posts or highlights to find them or see when they will host their next session.

Fit man doing Bound angle yoga pose while he's home in the living room
Stock photo/Motion Array

Think of these as a free preview…

Take this opportunity to get to know local instructors virtually and if you can, support them by joining their classes in person when this whole thing blows over. There are some companies selling gift cards right now to help keep them afloat. It’s the least we can do to thank them for doing what they can to help keep us motivated during this somewhat pessimistic time.

If I missed a business, do let me know in the comments below so I can add them to the list.
The more virtual workouts, the better.

All stock photos from Motion Array

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