October 7, 2022

Trail running makes the news

Full disclosure… I’m a full-time video editor for CTV Vancouver. When I get the chance, I try to pitch some really cool stories from the trail running community in hopes of it making the news. I was successful twice so far and I want to share those stories with you.

Trail running with 2 members of Team Canada

One of the hosts of CTV Morning Live, Jason Pires, is an avid runner yet still hasn’t ventured into the world of trail running. I thought it would be a good idea to have two Team Canada runners, Jeanelle Hazlett and Brendan Urlocker, give him an introduction to the sport. They are heading to the Long Distance World Mountain Running Championships in Patagonia in November. Who better to give a lesson than these two? Normally, I’m behind a desk, but I decided to bring my gimbal and come out to the shoot. I acted as producer, second shooter, and editor for this piece. Together with my team, we created something we’re really proud of. Check out the segment here.

Jeanelle and Brendan are fundraising to help get them to Worlds. If you want to help them out, check out their links here:

Brendan’s GoFundMe page
Jeanelle’s Mountain Heart Collective website

Trail running on CTV Morning Live – from left to right: Brendan Urlocker, Jason Pires, Jeanelle Hazlett, Jeannine Avelino

Mike McCardell checks out the Hyannis Aid Station at Knee Knacker

The Hyannis aid station made an impression on me when I volunteered near there last year. They create fun themes every year so I told Vancouver-favourite Mike McCardell to go check them out. Thankfully he listened to me and we edited a story about an integral part of the Knee Knackering North Shore Trail Race.

Sorry the embed isn’t working – watch the clip here.

Last year’s theme at Hyannis was casino!

Hopefully these won’t be the last of the trail running stories… I look forward to sharing more stories as much as I can.

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