October 1, 2023

Training Update: Ultramarathon Training Has Begun

We’re nearing halfway into the year already. It’s so fast, isn’t it? It feels like Christmas was only yesterday. The first few months of 2019 were filled with fun races, injuries, trying new things, and the start of trail season. Soon, it was time to set all that aside and get ultramarathon training started. Here’s what I’ve been up to.

Capra Running’s Downhill Clinic

Last year, I took part in the November 30×30 challenge hosted by Capra Running. As part of the month-long challenge, they had draw prizes for all the entrants and I won a downhill clinic with them. It was perfect for me because I need to improve on my descents. We met up at their Squamish shop last month and, as a group, we ran into the trails until we hit a clearing where run leader and ultrarunner Mike Murphy discussed plyometrics exercises.

Capra Running’s Downhill Clinic with Mike Murphy

After some skips, bounds, and hops, we made our way to the hill we were to practice our descents on: Credit Line. They talked about technique and answered all of our questions. They even had someone recording us on an iPad so we can review it back at the store for further critique. I loved this clinic, I found it useful and learned a lot. If they hold it again, I recommend that you go check it out. It’s definitely a great sidebar to my ultramarathon training.

Capra Running’s Downhill Clinic with Mike Murphy

3 weeks into ultramarathon training

Stanley Park hilly run day

Cuski and I started on the training plan he used last year. That proved to be a success for him so we decided not to re-invent the wheel. I was excited to get back into regimented training because I seem to function well that way. Maybe it’s due to my Type A personality. The plan involves 5 days of work: an easy run, alternating weeks of either a hilly run or hill repeats, a 75-90 minute run, a long run, and another easy run to cap off the week. After 3 weeks, our long run is already at 22 km and every week it increases by 3 km. The number of hill repeats we have to do increases each time as well. It’s definitely not an easy plan and I can already feel it in my legs.

I try to fit in a weekly strength session on an easy day. I got a plan from VanFitness in Motion which targets my weakness: my glutes. It seems to be working. I highly recommend a regular strength session in your training regimen. It doesn’t matter what you’re training for, just try it. I noticed a huge difference last year in my climbing and I am already seeing results this year.

Running in the woods with RunDistrikt’s MELSAYS

As for where we’ve been training, we’re back enjoying the North Shore trail network. I ran with MELSAYS in the LSCR trails and with Cuski in the Baden Powell. Pretty soon we’ll be venturing out further east. It’s going to be epic.

Learning to love the Fromme stairs

I was sick at 5 Peaks Golden Ears

I caught an awful stomach bug that put me out of commission for 3 days, which included race day at one of my favourite 5 Peaks races of the series. It was disappointing, but instead of sweating it out in the hot sun (it was close to 30 degrees that day) I spent the morning volunteering. I still had a great time staying back, waiting for racers to finish. We cheered them on while we hung around the booths. It was a good time. If you want to help out, email [email protected] to volunteer at a future race. If you work a 4 hour+ shift, you can get an entry to a future 5 Peaks race. It’s a win-win! I look forward to returning next month at the Seymour race though. Use code TRAILCREW10 to get a discount when you sign up.

Despite missing 3 days, I rallied and ran almost 19 km solo to get my long run in for the week. I may have missed 2 workouts but at least I got my distance in. It gave me quite a boost in self-confidence. I thought my ultramarathon training was derailed so early on but I didn’t allow it.

Took my mom up the Grouse Grind

My mom has been cycling for two years now and has become the fittest she’s ever been. I’ve asked her before if she’d ever consider trying the Grouse Grind and she was receptive to it. Last Sunday was the day and I’m happy to say that she survived with a smile. It was a gruelling 2 and a half hours for her. I was getting really worried about her, especially towards the end. I’m just glad she rallied and fought to get out of that trail. I’m very proud of her accomplishment and it seems days later, she’s still talking about the experience. Maybe she’ll do it again before the year ends 😛

I’ll be pacing the 35 min 5K at West Van Run Summer

West Van Run Summer is fast approaching (June 1st) and I’ve signed up to pace the 35 min group again this year. Last year was an absolute blast that I asked to do it again. Check out this fun community event. There are less than 30 spots remaining for the 5K so sign up quickly. The medals are awesome and the people are even better. You can use my discount code JEANNINE to get 10% off. Hope to see you there!

So yeah, that about sums it up for now. If you want to follow me on my ultramarathon training journey, follow me on Instagram and Facebook. How’s your training going? Let me know in the comments what you’re training for and how it’s going! Next up for me is Survival of the Fittest, Shaughnessy 8k and West Van Run Summer. Maybe I’ll see you at one of them!



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