July 5, 2022

Race Recap: 5 Peaks Alice Lake 2019

I received a complimentary entry to 5 Peaks Alice Lake as a 5 Peaks Trail Crew Leader; however, all opinions are my own.

The injury train is finally coming to a stop. I had doubts about whether 5 Peaks Alice Lake race was going to happen for me but I’m a stubborn one. I downgraded to the Sport course and thought a short race was better than no race. It was a great opportunity to see if I’ve improved in the last 2 years since I first ran it. Let’s find out, shall we?

Pre-race fuel thanks to Endurance Tap


Fellow 5 Peaks/Team Nuun ambassador Karen McCullough

It was one of the soggiest 5 Peaks events we’ve ever been to. All our waterproof gear was on as we volunteered before the race. We helped with food prep, Season Pass hoodie duty and package pickup. Despite the downpour, it was a great turnout. So great that I was concerned if everyone will be served on time. We worked as a team and made it happen though. The 5 Peaks volunteers are pretty amazing, always rising to the occasion. If you’d like to help out at the next race, email Annie at bcvolunteers@5peaks.com and come hang out with us on the trails. A minimum 4 hour shift will get you a free race entry to a future 5 Peaks race. It’s a pretty good give and take relationship.

How Did I Do?

One thing’s for sure, I’m still out of shape for running. I wasn’t a total loss though since I’ve been keeping up with some cross training. I power hiked a lot of the hills (and there seemed more than 235 meters of elevation). The course was mostly non-technical at the start and throughout the climbs. We contended with a lot of mud and puddles that made the trails slick. I was cognizant of that since my physiotherapist specifically told me to take it easy on unstable terrain. When it was unavoidable, I walked.

The descent on Credit Line was also a bit of a concern for me due to the conditions. I did notice that my downhill technique improved since I last ran the sport course. According to Strava, I cut off more than 9 minutes on this segment. I’m pretty stoked about that. Cuski was running the Enduro course and since he’s half mountain goat, he passed me along the descent and disappeared.

The last incline back

The last couple kilometres back to Alice Lake was covered in slick and sticky mud. It was also a slight incline back, something I knew was coming. The conditions were tough for my muscles so it was a slow slog heading back. If you still had the energy, it’s very runnable. I looked at my watch and I was definitely going to beat my previous time. I powered through as much as I could but sometimes you just have to listen to your body. It was a victory in itself to cross the finish line pain-free with a time of 1:25:19. My 8-minute course PB was just a bonus.

Join us at Golden Ears

The Season Pass hoodie is amazeballs.

The next race is in one of our favourite venues, Golden Ears Provincial Park. There’s something magical about that forest. Also, your shoes come out so clean thanks to all the water crossings you go through. The race is on Saturday, May 11th and you can register here. Don’t delay as it might sell out soon. Don’t forget to use code TRAILCREW10 to get a discount. As I said earlier, you can also earn your entry to a future race by volunteering for a 4+ hour shift at the Golden Ears race. Just email Annie at bcvolunteers@5peaks.com. Read up on my previous reviews of the Golden Ears races here: 2018 (Enduro) | 2017 (Sport). If you haven’t picked up your Season Pass hoodie yet, you can do so at Golden Ears.

Water crossings at 5 Peaks Golden Ears – Photo by Rob Shaer Photography

Have you ever run around Alice Lake before? Tell me what your favourite Squamish trails are.

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