July 5, 2022

Last Minute Runner’s Christmas Gift Guide

With Christmas just days away, most people are doing their shopping this week. I’ve decided to whip up this quick blog post with my gear picks for the runner in your life. All of these are items I own and use regularly (which I’m sure you’ve seen in my photos). I’ve also included items I’m an ambassador of which I’ve bolded and starred like so* – I just want to be clear that I am an ambassador for these items because I genuinely do love the product and use them regularly. Let’s get on with my picks, shall we?

Salomon Pulse Belt

You can sort of see the pulse belt underneath my shirt.

I bought this before the Chicago Marathon and I loved it instantly. It fits a 250 ml or 500 ml (half-filled) soft flask in the back pocket and my iPhone 7 in a Lifeproof case in the front zippered pocket. I’ve also stuffed a BUFF and a gel in each pocket. I wear this around my hips but sometimes it does ride up; however, you can’t really feel it. It’s very comfortable and can be used on the road or shorter trail runs. It’s probably my best purchase of 2018 and I hope yours too. Check it out at Salomon at Park Royal or on their website.

Salomon Pulse Belt

Salomon Advanced Skin Set 5

I wear this vest on most trail runs.

Whether on the trails or heading home from work with stuff, I love this vest. The elastic pockets are awesome for carrying a jacket, nutrition, emergency kit, and other things you need. It comes with 2 soft flasks, bladder sold separately. I have only used the bladder a handful of times. The soft flasks were more than enough. It doesn’t bounce and you can adjust the fit so it’s snug on your body. I bought this for Cuski last Christmas and he uses his regularly too. This is a big ticket item but your runner will love you for it. Their warranty is also excellent, I had mine replaced due to a faulty zipper months after buying it. Check it out at Salomon at Park Royal or on their website.

Photo by Rob Shaer Photography – as you can see, I was able to stuff my jacket into the back pocket… not very well, I was in a bit of a rush 😛

Lululemon Speed Up Shorts

My go-to shorts are the Lululemon Speed Up Shorts (formerly known as Speed Shorts). I love the back zippered pocket and two hidden pockets in the front for keys or cash. The inseam can be too short for some people though. If that concerns you, I’d take a look at the Run Times Short II or the Tracker Short V instead.

Photo by Bryan Andrews

Stance Socks

These are a splurge for socks but they have so many nice prints and they do function well. Form and function, what more could you ask for? They have socks for running, cycling and hiking and can be found at Vancouver Running CompanyMEC and Sportchek. The socks in my photo are the VRC Icon Crew found at Vancouver Running Company. I also recommend Smartwool and Balega socks (also in my regular rotation).

Stance socks


I have loads of BUFF headwear, tubulars, neck warmers, whatever you want to call them. They are neck warmers, ear warmers, a wrist band, elastic band for your ponytail, an on-the-go towel and more. It’s a very practical gift that anyone can use and it’s usually under $30. Check them out at Running Room.

UV Reflective Half BUFF


Nutrition items make great stocking stuffers. All you need to do is raid the shelves at MEC and find some nice gels and hydration. Some of my favourites include Nuun Hydration*, Endurance Tap, Honey Stinger chews, and Gu gels.

Race entries

There’s one thing runners love, it’s racing. Why not give them race entries?

For the road runners in your life, you can gift West Van Run* and North Van Run* race entries for 2019. They have flat and fast courses that are great for first timers and elites alike. Plus, the medals look pretty awesome. Check out their websites for more information and don’t forget to use my code JEANNINE to get an extra discount off your entry.

5 Peaks* has started selling their 2019 race pass which includes 5 awesome races (which I’ve heavily reviewed on my blog) and a bonus hoodie in addition to all the swag you get at each race. 5 Peaks has great beginner-friendly short courses and longer courses that seasoned trail runners will love. The local races are at Alice Lake (Squamish), Golden Ears, Seymour, Cypress, and Whistler (plus a bonus at Buntzen Lake, not included with the pass). Get your race pass here.

Photo by Rob Shaer Photography

Aftershokz Headphones

I’ve reviewed the Aftershokz Trekz Titaniums* on the blog before I became an ambassador and I seriously love them. I always take them with me on a run and lots of people have great feedback on them too (TechRadar review and Forbes review). I am currently using the Trekz Air which is smaller and more lightweight than the Trekz Titaniums. These are a great splurge for a runner in your life who loves to listen to music or podcasts while working out. It will also allow them to hear everything going on around them at the same time. Safety first! You can buy them at MEC or get the bundle online and use code JEANNINE65 for $65 off.

Aftershokz for Christmas!

Hope this helps with your Christmas shopping. What’s on your list this Christmas?

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