May 22, 2022

Race Recap: 5 Peaks Whistler 2018

Well, it’s finally my off-season which means it’s time to catch up on blogging. It’s been busy with cyclocross season (and to add to that, I had some technical difficulties with the blog)… but now I’ve got time to tell you about my last 5 Peaks race of the year. 5 Peaks Whistler has always been a favourite but it’s my first time running the Enduro course. That comes with a side of nerves.

5 Peaks Whistler Enduro

Cuski and I were fresh off the Squamish 50 weekend. He decided to volunteer as a sweeper and I stuck with the original plan of running Enduro. My goal was just to finish and enjoy myself since I was still not fully recovered from my previous race. The weather is usually perfect on race day; however it was cold and foggy on this day. We were also thankful that the forest fire smoke had dissipated. It was pretty bad the week before, I heard. With the thick fog, the view was mostly obscured. We didn’t see the epic views we hoped for but it added an air of mystery to the whole experience.

Decker Loop

Decker Loop

The 5 Peaks Enduro and Sport racers start together until Enduros branch off to tackle Decker Loop first. It is a steep climb to a great view on a perfect day. When we did it, we were walking up into clouds, not able to see the top. That made the slog feel even longer but we persevered. It seemed like a beautiful trail but looking out into the abyss was kind of creepy. Once you hit the top, you made it across and back down through a boulder field. This was sketchy for me because it was a bit slippery. I was also not used to finding the right lines on boulders, but it was good practice. I made it down eventually and it was a nice flowy run until the last climb of the race.

Going down the boulder field

Surprisingly, I felt okay during the race. Maybe a little stiff but I was still climbing faster than last year. This last climb was always a killer for me because it seemed endless. Now that I know about Decker Loop, this was nothing. I knew that once I reached the top, it was smooth sailing back to the finish. Once I finally made it, I didn’t linger. I booked it down the hill. I spotted Rob Shaer‘s jacket in the mist and yelled out for him. He managed to take these awesome shots of me, which are now my favourite photos of the season.

Photo by Rob Shaer Photography

It was a great end to my first year doing the entire series. My first year running all Enduro races. My first year as a 5 Peaks Trail Crew Leader.

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Join the Trail Crew

5 Peaks is also looking for new ambassadors. If you love representing the trail community and spreading the word about the 5 Peaks races, I encourage you to apply. I had such a great time doing it this year and being a part of the team. I definitely applied for next year.

Thanks for following my 5 Peaks journey. There will be more to come next year!

Photo by Rob Shaer Photography


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