August 9, 2022

Taking a Runch Break

Like some of you, I like to squeeze a run in on my lunch break… or shall I say runch break? I do this for a few reasons: to add mileage, avoid running in poor weather, or to free up my evening. I wanted to share a few ways that makes running during work hours more seamless so you can slip out and in again just like that.

Have a toiletries bag at work

I don’t have access to a shower so this kit is very important to me so I don’t end up offending anyone with my post-workout aroma. There’s a small pouch in my work drawer that contains deodorant, perfume (the samples I get from Sephora), and cleansing wipes. I also have little travel containers that have anti-chafe cream and embrocation cream (only used for extreme cold weather). Since I wear contact lenses when I run, I also have a travel-sized bottle of contact lens solution for the office. For extra hot days, I also have a spare tube of Nuun Hydration tubes in my office.

Pack the night before

Like race day, it’s best to set out your workout stuff the night before so you don’t forget anything in your morning rush. For me, I’ve gotten so used to taking a runch break that I can just grab my stuff while getting ready. Although, I do forget some things once in a while so I should probably take my own advice more often 😛 Make sure to bring a towel so you can wipe yourself off.

Wear some of your gear

To avoid having to lug so much gear to and from work, I sometimes wear my running shoes if it goes with my work outfit. Luckily, we dress pretty casually so this works out great. To cut down on time, I sometimes wear my workout top underneath my work outfit so I can do a quick change.

Plan out your routes

Know what your distance limit is for the amount of time you have and plan your route accordingly. I like to use Strava‘s route planner before I go so I have a plan. You can also do an easy out and back if that works for you. When I need to buy lunch, I plan my route so it ends at my lunch spot. It’s easy and convenient! I have at least 3 routes to choose from so I can vary it up.

Work out with friends

My schedule doesn’t usually allow for a lot of meet-ups with friends but when it does happen, it’s great. You just get right down to business, throw down a good sweat session, and then you head back to work. Don’t forget to take obligatory post-workout selfies!

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I really like going for a runch break. It feels to nice to get away from all the computer screens I have to stare at all day. It also jump starts my brain. I have a creative job and I find that after a workout and a meal, I focus better and tend to do my best work. Would you try to incorporate it into your routine? I hope this blog makes working out at work a little easier for you.

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