July 6, 2022

Photos: Knee Knacker 2018

Another year, another Knee Knacker. This year is more special because I have a bunch of friends running it and I really wanted to be a part of it. So I volunteered as photographer once more and was sent to the Hyannis section of the Baden Powell. Last year, I was at Grouse Mountain, which was a great section. I loved my photos from there. When I scouted my location, I was super excited to see the lush green foliage and boardwalks that runners will be passing by.

Check out some of my favourite photos below and to purchase one, head over to this link. Each digital download is $2 and proceeds will be donated to the North Shore Search and Rescue.

Congrats to the winners!

Mike Sidic won with a time of 4:55:29, with a comfortable 20+ minute lead. Less than half an hour later, Darbykai Standrick crossed the finish line as first female with a time of 5:22:53. Amazing accomplishments in not-so-optimal temperatures. Congrats to you both!

Congrats to my Trail Friends!

Jeanelle Hazlett won 3rd female. Way to lead by example! I attended some trail clinics of hers back then.
Fellow West Van Run Crew member Milan made this race look easy.
Fraser Street Run Club was represented well by Dimitri.
Tanja is well on her way to completing the trifecta (3 50k’s in 3 straight weekends)… one more to come at Buckin’ Hell this Saturday.
Willa always brings rainbows and sunshine no matter how difficult the race.
Last year, Anita cheered on the runners with me. This year, she ran her first Knee Knacker and first ultra. She did it with a great time and even had a moment to pose with her freezie.
Catherine overcame challenging mountain and finished her first Knee Knacker with a huge smile.
I took Jennie’s photo last year not knowing that she’d be one of my go-to trail buddies this year. She’s such a strong and inspiring runner.

Let’s Gamble!

Trail races can be quite a gamble as you don’t know if luck will be on your side. It’s only fitting that the aid station at Hyannis dressed up in casino-themed costumes. They also had the most important items (aside from food)… a water bucket with sponges and a hose. It was the pick-me-up that the runners needed on this hot day, with about 8 km left of the race. Rest assured, they did all they could to deal the runners a good hand.

Freezies FTW

Runners who left with freezies from the Hyannis Casino looked like they won the jackpot. I loved all the looks of excitement as they ran through my section.

Still Smiling at 39 km

It’s so impressive and inspiring to see all these runners still smiling after a gruelling 39 km. They knew they had one more serious climb ahead but they kept their positive attitude right to the finish. Congratulations to all of you.

If you’d like to purchase your photos, head over to this link. Each digital download is $2 and proceeds will be donated to the North Shore Search and Rescue.

Would you run or volunteer at Knee Knacker next year?

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