July 5, 2022

Race Recap: Vancouver Sun Run 2018

It’s my fourth consecutive Vancouver Sun Run and I had very little expectations for this race. So to my surprise, it actually turned into a very memorable race.

The Course

The Vancouver Sun Run course has not changed. You can check my previous recaps to get a sense of the course: 2015 | 2016 | 2017

How Did I Do?

I flip-flopped on whether I should try for a PB at the Vancouver Sun Run. My recent training wasn’t focused on speed at all so I had no real hopes for a PB. I decided to go for an easy almost 10k trail run the day before the race. We also had a well-deserved post-run snack right after so I was partly fuelled by scrumptious crunchy onion rings. 😛

Cuski and I were both in the green corral so we tried to get as close as we can to the front. We ended up at Burrard and Georgia. I think we waited about half an hour before starting to run. We went our separate ways and I just ran my race. I felt strong that day so I let the speed of the crowd propel me forward. The bottleneck at Robson and Lagoon Drive gave me a natural breather, although I didn’t really want it at that point. I found myself weaving through a large group of people. It finally opened up after the water station on Beach Avenue.

Happy with a course PB!

I mentally prepared myself for the long hill to come (Hornby and the Burrard Bridge). Surprisingly, on tired legs, I managed to keep my pace consistent at around 6:00/km. I knew the course very well so I ran as strong as I could over the Burrard Bridge. I recovered on the downhills and kept my momentum going on the flats.


I’ve never gotten a sub-1 hour time on this course so I was focusing on that goal. By the time I reached the Cambie Bridge, I knew I was within grasp of a course PB. I maintained my pace on that last hill and attacked the downhill. I had to weave around people, unfortunately, but it wasn’t too bad. It opened up after the ramp and when I was a few hundred meters from the finish, I sprinted. I did it, 59:39, a course PB on technically tired legs.

Inside BC Place

Cuski had a course PB as well with 53:26 (2:30 faster than last year)! We decided to go to BC Place to check out the post-race expo. As I thought, it was very busy and we promptly left. We decided to have a celebratory brunch instead.

Quick Recap

Organization – It’s organized the same way as last year and the year before that… and the year before that. While it works, I think there could still be some improvements. For one, getting rid of plastic. I went to the expo and received a large plastic bag with 2 flyers inside. I find that to be a waste and I hope that they would consider being more environmentally-conscious. It’s not hard to ask people to bring their own bag or to have virtual coupons. I also think that the expo could be bigger. It’s Canada’s largest 10k and there’s really not much to see at the expo. Please improve on this!

Course – A nice mix of hills and flats, but mostly flats.

Swag – You only get a t-shirt, there are no medals. The t-shirt wasn’t that great. I am sure you can find a better brand sponsor.

Would I Do it Again? Work usually sponsors us so if that option is available, I’ll do it. Otherwise it’s a wait and see kind of thing.

What’s your favourite Vancouver Sun Run memory? Share it in the comments below.

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