July 6, 2022

Training Update: Injured and Vacation

Two months into 2018 and it has already been quite eventful. Here’s what’s going on with my training.

Lululemon 40/80 Challenge

Fresh off a mostly lazy December, I embarked on my second Lululemon 40/80 Challenge. I only completed 40 km last year and I was determined to do the full distance this year (which could’ve been the worst decision I’ve made so far). I felt strong, started running stair workouts with friends, PB-ing at the Icebreaker 8K, and even completed my longest trail run to date (15k). Little did I know, my leg was starting to show signs that something was off. On the plus side, I did finish the 80 km challenge successfully.

15k of trails went towards the Lululemon Challenge

Sidelined… yet again

The night before I ran the Try Events Chilly Chase, my foot started to feel funny. It hurt to walk. I took my weight off it that night and hoped it improves by morning. But it didn’t. Walking to the race was a bit uncomfortable and it progressively became worse. I definitely shouldn’t have run that day.

Therapy time

I promptly went to my physio (Rachel Worsley). It turns out it’s not my foot. My peroneals were very very tight, so badly that it was giving me foot pain. I was off running for a week but I tried to keep up my fitness by doing core work, exercises from my physio, and some elliptical time. It improved but I knew I was going to miss the First Half Half Marathon. Although I was looking forward to this race, my health was more important. Thank goodness I was able to transfer my entry. Soon enough, I was given the go ahead to get some runs in.

I ran 3 days in a row, clearly desperate for a great workout. It also flared my muscle up again. Frustrated, I booked an appointment with my RMT which was an awesome decision. I don’t know what he did but the pain was gone after my 30 minute session. The tag team work of my physio and RMT worked wonders. I was also able to do some strength exercises with impact without pain. I think I’m ready to start training! After all, some epic races are coming my way including my first Coast Mountain Trail Series race (Cap Crusher 12k) and my first destination race of the year, the Rock n Roll San Francisco Half Marathon.

Seeking Sunnier Skies

By the time you read this, I’ll be on the way to the Philippines. It’s time to get out of the cold and enjoy some relaxation and adventure in my home country. Keep an eye on my Instagram and see what I’ll be up to. See you in a few weeks!

This will be my view in a few days.

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