July 6, 2022

Race Recap: Try Events Lookout Society Chilly Chase 5K

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary entry for the Try Events Lookout Society Chilly Chase. All opinions are my own.

Another year, another Try Events Chilly Chase. This is my 4th year participating in the event (you can see my recaps here: 2017, 2016, 2015) but my first year running the 5K race. Let’s fast forward to how I did since I’ve already talked about the route in my previous race recaps. The 5K route is essentially an out and back route along the False Creek Seawall. It’s flat, fast and scenic, and also very familiar to me since I train here all the time.

How Did I Do?

A bunch of fellow BibRave Pros were at this race. I met Bradley, Brie, fellow trail runner Tanja, and Karin at the start, chatted for a bit and then took our pre-race photo. Bradley and I were also testing BibBoards for this race. You can see us sporting them here 😛 (Check my BibBoards review here.)

My fellow BibRave Pros

A special shout out goes to Debra who always dresses to the nines to match the race theme. She also picked up my race package (thank you!!)

Frosty Debra

It was time to start and unfortunately, as you can see from my Strava title, it wasn’t my best race. I had (what I initially thought) a foot injury but I ran it anyway. I figured a slow run is better than no run, but man oh man it made a 5K race last forever. The pain kept getting worse after every step. If there’s anything I learned from this, don’t run when you’re injured. I finished in just over 31 minutes and then we hobbled home. What redeemed this for me was the weather and the event itself. Having run this race before, I knew what to expect and I know the route very well (it’s a pretty one). It was also not raining that badly when I was out on the road. I’m still glad I made it out though because otherwise, I wouldn’t have this amazing photo that Cuski took of me.

Photo by Carmen Marin

Quick Review

Organization – Same every year, no major complaints. The chip is attached to your shoe and you have to return it after the race. Don’t worry, there’s no way you can leave the finish area without a volunteer snipping it off your shoes. I couldn’t make it to package pickup due to a conflict with my work schedule so that sucks. Maybe extend package pickup to 8 PM? I was able to pick it up after work before, I don’t know why the option isn’t available anymore (especially since there’s no race day pickup). Oh well, either way, I got it.

Course – It’s out and back and flat on the False Creek seawall. It’s a beautiful run, just watch out for other people using the seawall.

Swag – I like this year’s medals. They’re pretty cute! The event used the Creekside Community Centre as a meeting point, gear check, food stations and awards area. It was nice to have a place to keep warm before the race. There were supposed to be socks as a giveaway but, due to poor weather from the source, they didn’t make it to Vancouver in time. There was a choice to either pick it up or donate them. I decided to donate them 🙂

Would I Do it Again? – I could make it s 5-peat…. that way, I can properly race this distance again.

Hobbes is sporting my medal.

I claimed my results on Athlinks. Follow me here. Did you run this race? What did you think? Let me know in the comments below or leave a review on BibRave.

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