July 6, 2022

App Review: Athlinks

I first found out about Athlinks on fellow BibRave Pro Bradley on the Run’s website. I was intrigued and went ahead and set up an account myself. Keeping track of my race times is important because it shows how I’ve progressed and motivates me to go for it at the next event. Athlinks seems to be right for this purpose. Read on and find out more 🙂

My race results on Athlinks… yes I still have a lot of work to do.

Athlinks is a platform that gathers all your past race results and puts them into a nifty little package in the form of an iOS or Android app and website. It shows your chip times, age, gender and overall placements, pace, and your best times for each distance.

My Rivals on Athlinks

It’s also has a social aspect to it. You can follow other athletes and keep track of their progress. If someone you’re following participated in the same event as you, they become a “rival” and the system keeps track of your wins and losses against them. It’s an interesting little feature that can spark your competitive edge. You can also see your friends’ upcoming races or see who’ll be at the same event as you.

Statistics on Athlinks

My favourite feature has to be the Statistics page. It clearly shows all my personal bests in one page. It takes the guessing game out of it. With the amount of races I run, it’s hard to remember which one is a PB and which one isn’t. I can just quickly check this page before a race to refresh my memory and have a goal in mind.

I was surprised at how Athlinks managed to compile a huge chunk of my races, especially since different timing companies were used. According to the Athlinks website:

Athlinks relies on the support of the race director and athlete communities to populate the database. As results are posted online, the Race Director sends the results files or links to our team, who then uploads the information to the database. We have a dedicated staff of results hounds.

So that’s pretty cool. The system also automatically detects your races and then you claim what’s yours, which adds it to your profile. You can also add future events yourself if it’s not listed and others can add it to their own profile.

Athlinks iPhone app screenshot

The iPhone app looks pretty much like the website and pretty straightforward. I did notice that there wasn’t a way to change the view from min/mile to min/km so I submitted a request. Thankfully, they replied right away and hopefully I’ll see it in a future update. It’s nice to see that they are considering people’s feedback.

Try Athlinks

Are you a stats addict like myself? Why don’t you sign up for an Athlinks account and see for yourself. You can download the iOS app here and the Android app here or just go to their website. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Read about BibRave and Athlinks‘ new partnership here.

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