May 22, 2022

Update: I’m a 5 Peaks Trail Crew Leader!

2 years ago, I decided to try trail running. Upon asking friends which race I should go for, I was recommended to try the 5 Peaks trail race series. I did, and my first race was Mt. Seymour in 2016. Cuski ran it with me and I was relieved to have him there since the conditions weren’t ideal for my first ever trail run. It was rainy, foggy and 5 degrees in the summer. I did it anyway, survived and had a blast. I officially got bitten by the trail running bug. Ever since, I have run or attended pretty much all the following 5 Peaks events in BC. The only one I didn’t do was Buntzen this year because I was out of town. It’s pretty obvious that I’m a big fan of the races.

5 Peaks Cypress – Photo by Rob Shaer

What’s so great about 5 Peaks?

There were a few reasons why I kept coming back…

  • It’s a well-oiled machine – I’m so impressed with how each race is run… everything from the detailed pre-race emails to race day logistics to post-race feedback… I have been to many and I know exactly what is happening and when.
  • Great courses – I can only speak for the Sport courses, but they are all very different and offer their own unique challenges. There are 5 races in the series plus a bonus at Buntzen Lake. Each one has its own quirks that it’s tough to compare one to another. I hope to get to know the Enduro courses at length in the coming year.
  • The Community – Everyone (Race Director, Trail Crew Leaders, volunteers, runners and spectators) is amazing. There’s so much support and people cheering. Everyone just wants to have a great event and it’s very obvious how much love goes into each race. Each race I attend, I notice many familiar faces. That’s because the same runners come back for more, year after year. It’s a true testament to the popularity and success of this series.
  • Great swag! – Some of my favourite swag came from 5 Peaks races including a collapsible cup, Swell-style water bottles, Swiftwick socks, BOCO hats and convertible run gloves… most of these I use fairly often. There are also random draws at every event with great prizes. Altra is also usually there so you can try on a pair of shoes on the course.
  • A friend to the environment – 5 Peaks events cut down on waste wherever they can, including being cup-free and using recycling and compost bins at aid stations. They also constantly remind people to leave nothing behind in the parks. As trail runners, most of us already do that but it’s good to remind people to care for our natural playground.
  • Excellent race photos! – The very talented Rob Shaer is at every event taking great photos of us runners. All the photos in this post are by him… they are also some of my favourite photos from all my races. This year he donated a portion of his photo sales to local search and rescue groups.
5 Peaks Golden Ears II – Photo by Rob Shaer

Guess what?!

This year they put a call out for new ambassadors. Naturally, I applied. I mean, I’ve been blogging about all my 5 Peaks races and sharing photos on social media already. It would be amazing if I got to do that officially. I’m so honoured to have been chosen as one of the new 5 Peaks Trail Crew Leaders!

5 Peaks Whistler – Photo by Rob Shaer

What does this mean?

It means, I get to share more of my experiences with 5 Peaks with you. I will also be a source for 5 Peaks news so be sure to follow my social media channels to stay in the loop (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). Look forward to seeing me at 2018’s races too, either volunteering, racing or both! Here are some tentative dates for the 2018 races:

5 Peaks Buntzen Lake – photo by Rob Shaer

Season Passes are for sale now as well as individual races. Check back on their website on Boxing Day though… according to this tweet, there are some deals coming!

Thank you again 5 Peaks for choosing me as a Trail Crew Leader! I was already excited about the 2018 season, now I’m even more so!

Will you #getofftheroad with me? Hope to see you at a future 5 Peaks event!

5 Peaks Cypress – photo by Rob Shaer

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