October 7, 2022

Gear Review: BOCO Headgear

Disclaimer: I received a BOCO Run Hat to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

I love running with hats. Rain or shine, I’m most likely wearing a hat. I have a big collection now, thanks in part to races that give hats as swag. I keep coming back to my favourites though… my BOCO headgear.

About BOCO

BOCO Gear is based out of BOulder, COlorado and they specialize in athletic headwear including lightweight run hats, technical trucker hats, toques, visors, headbands and other accessories. Their hats make a statement with their cool designs and vibrant colours, but they are also functional and comfortable.

Bradley and I with our BOCO Run Hats – Photo by Gord Kurenoff

My BOCOllection

I did some digging and it turns out I have 5 BOCO hats: 3 Technical Trucker Hats and 2 Run Hats. I love both styles but I lean towards the Run Hat more (explained below). No joke, these are all my go-to hats.

My BOCOllection

Why I Like BOCO Run Hats

  • Lightweight – Bulky hats on long runs are the worst. That is definitely not the case for the BOCO run hat.
  • Fits well, wicks sweat – It’s snug on my head, doesn’t move, and keeps sweat from my eyes. It’s two less things to worry about.
  • The straight bill on the run hat – You can curve it if you want I guess, but I chose not to. I like that it stays straight up when I don’t need my eyes shaded. If it’s raining or it’s too bright, I can easily just put the bill down.
  • It looks cool! – Looking cool means confidence, which leads to a better run (although sometimes that doesn’t happen lol)
Racing with my BOCO Run Hat at the SHLF 10k – Photo by Mark Bates Photography
BOCO Headgear in the Berlin Marathon – photo by Carmen Marin
  • Machine-washable – I pop it in with my running gear (in a laundry bag) and use the Handwash cycle. I let it air dry after and it doesn’t look distorted.
  • Packable – You can’t scrunch the bill but the rest of the hat can. I can stuff it in my hydration vest really easily.
  • Customizable – This is awesome if you have a team. You can design your own hat with your selected colours and logo. Here’s the info for that. You just need to order a minimum of 35 pieces.
Custom BOCO Headgear

I Love the Technical Trucker too!

As I said earlier, I lean towards the Run Hat more but on occasion I do like to sport the Technical Trucker. It functions just as well as the Run Hat but it has a different style. Sometimes the outfit just calls for a trucker hat, you know? 😛 It doesn’t pack as well as the Run Hat but it’s still ok. It gets a bit scrunched but you really don’t notice when you wear it. I do wash it the same way as the Run Hat and also air dry it.

The BOCO Technical Trucker Hats are great on hot days.

My teams have great taste since both Nuun and BibRave chose BOCO Headgear. I can represent them in style! I love these hats and hope you will too. To see the other styles BOCO has to offer or to stay up to date, visit their social media links below:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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