February 5, 2023

Race Recap: 5 Peaks Whistler 2017

Sorry this is a little (a lot) late but better late than never right? 5 Peaks Whistler was epic last year and just as epic this year. Cuski and I ran the Sport course again. It was another amazing, sunny day and the views were spectacular as usual.


Going into it, Cuski and I were planning to get a personal best. He started in one of the earlier corrals and I, a few corrals back. We were warned that it might be really cold at the top but when we got there it was actually quite warm. It was very dry and dusty though. People ahead of me were kicking up so much dust that it was hard to see where I was stepping at times. I remember how long the big hill was last year and it didn’t disappoint this year… lol! It felt endless and I tried to resist taking photo breaks since I really wanted to do better than last year. Close to the top of the climb, I saw Rob Shaer with his camera and I looked like this:

Photo by Rob Shaer Photography

So I forced myself to run… and what a difference! LOL! Thank you for capturing me at my “finest” lol.

Photo by Rob Shaer Photography

Cuski finished strong at 49:27, 7th in his division and 38th overall. I’m very proud of him… can’t wait to see what he does next year!

Photo by Rob Shaer Photography

I had a strong finish as well. I finished at 1:06:48, an improvement of about 3 minutes. It’s not much but it’s still significant to me. It’s better than not improving 😛 I’m looking forward to trying some Enduro courses next year. I’m still a little nervous about it but it’s time to push myself a little and improve.

The Nitty Gritty

A quick recap of the event logistics… we did the same thing as last year and drove up to Whistler early in the morning. Package pickup this year was near the gondola and they were also handing out the swag (amazing metal water bottles). We hopped on the first gondola and it took about 20-30 minutes to get to the top of Blackcomb. We got there early enough to get changed and drop our bags off at gear check. They had tents set up with swag for sale. I bought a 5 Peaks BUFF and a 5 Peaks T-shirt, which I love. If you plan on buying things, remember to bring cash. I hope one day they will accept credit cards but thank goodness there was an ATM nearby. Race direction was on point as usual, the routes were clearly marked and there was lots of pre and post-race communication. All in all, a great race experience.

Thank you 5 Peaks for another fantastic season. It’s always a blast attending your events and I can’t wait to try more races.

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