July 6, 2022

Marathon Training Update: Anchored Fitness Trail Clinic

I just wrapped up my 5 Peaks Trail Racing season. There’s one more, but unfortunately we won’t be able to make it. This season definitely started off a little rocky with some pretty massive anxiety at the Alice Lake race. After that, I decided to do something about it and signed up for Anchored Fitness trail clinics to help improve my skills and build confidence.

Anchored Fitness

I joined Jeanelle Hazlett’s Anchored Fitness trail clinics in the spring and summer. They were 2 very different clinics, but equally helpful. There’s a combined price if you want to attend all the sessions, but you can do drop-in as well. At the time I participated, there were only beginner and intermediate options; however this fall, she will be having an advanced clinic too. I joined intermediate at first but I soon found out that I was too slow. Fortunately I was allowed to drop down to beginner, where I felt much more comfortable. I loved the flexibility. Jeanelle always started with a proper warm-up, maybe some strength exercises, and gave us tips along the way.

Spring Clinic

The Anchored Fitness spring clinic happened shortly after the BMO Vancouver Marathon and ran for a few weekends. This clinic was more of an exploratory experience. It was a great way to become familiar with some of the North Shore trails. Some trails we explored included Lynn Valley, Capilano Regional Park, Old Buck and Mt. Fromme. Each week, the distance was increased. I was only able to join 3 of these sessions. For the first two sessions, I was with the intermediates, but was quickly dropped by the speedy group on the second outing. I was definitely in the wrong class. When I switched to beginner though, I was able to keep up more easily. I loved getting to know some new trails and meeting new trail friends.

Summer Clinic

The Anchored Fitness summer clinic focused more on skill building. We did explore similar areas as the previous clinic but with more focus on technique rather than distance. We did a lot of hill repeats, speed work, and downhill practice. That was exactly what I needed and after these two clinics, I feel that I’ve improved quite a bit. Jeanelle watched our techniques and gave us helpful pointers. I find myself taking more risks and have become more confident. Although, I still have some anxiety, the more I keep going out there, the better it gets. It was also neat to spend more time with some trail friends I met from the previous clinic.

As I said, there is a fall clinic coming up. I won’t be able to join all of them but will most likely do a drop-in if my schedule allows. Jeanelle is a great teacher, supportive, energetic and it’ s obvious how much she loves the trails. If you’re looking to explore new trails, improve your skills, and meet some fun new people, I highly suggest you sign up. I had a lot of fun and look forward to joining the group again!

Would you join running clinics? Which ones have you tried? Leave a comment below!

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