July 6, 2022

Photos: 5 Peaks Golden Ears

Do you know what’s hilarious? I couldn’t run 5 Peaks Golden Ears last month because it fell on the day before the marathon. So I cheered Cuski on and took photos instead. Tomorrow is supposed to be the Mt. Seymour race but thanks to our annoyingly long winter, there’s still lots of snow up on the mountain. 5 Peaks organizers didn’t want us to be in unsafe conditions so they worked their magic and moved the race back to Golden Ears… so I get to run it after all! LOL! Consider these photos a little preview of what I have to go through tomorrow.

Click here to see the full 5 Peaks Golden Ears gallery.

Click here to see last year’s 5 Peaks Seymour race recap.

UPDATE: Here’s my recap of 5 Peaks Golden Ears Redux

And now, the photos…

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