July 6, 2022

Marathon Training Update: BCMC & The Pose Method

This week’s marathon training update includes a return to the trails and trying out strength exercises by The Pose Method. Let’s get to it!


Last weekend, I joined the Ladies of the Trails turtle group and we ascended Grouse Mountain via the BCMC trail. While the Grouse Grind is still closed for the winter, the BCMC remains open for all to use as they wish. Hikers beware, this is not an easy trail and, as of last Sunday, requires spikes or quality trail runners with really good grip. There’s still lots of snow in the top half. See?

The BCMC is about the same length as the Grouse Grind except there are more switchbacks and minimal stairs. You’ll have to navigate through rocks, roots, and narrow pathways. It’s a little intimidating and is easy to get lost if you’re not paying attention.  You have to watch where you’re stepping but don’t forget to look up and follow the trail markers.

Climbing for me was fine until we hit snow and that’s where I kind of freaked out inside. My shoes were actually fine on the snow. I kept stepping on other people’s tracks the whole way up. In the back of my head though I was still worried about slipping and falling backward. Add to that not knowing how stable the snow is beneath your feet and you also have no idea how deep the hole is where the trees are sticking out. I was so anxious and nervous during this part of the climb. Eventually, we made it to the top and visibility was fantastic! You could see the whole city from the top. It took us about 1 hour and 45 minutes conquer this mountain. Now, I had to get another 29 km 😛

We took the gondola down, then I ran to Ambleside and back home. It was very, very windy on this particular day. After getting sand in my eye, causing it to get irritated, and nearly getting blown off the bridge, I decided to just cut it “short” and ended up with a 22 km day. That would just mean my long run will be pushed to next weekend and I will have to start tapering after that.

This was also the first day I tried my new On Clouds. I got them on sale (40% off) at Army and Navy for the big ShoeMe liquidation sale. I couldn’t stop at 1 pair, I also bought Cloudsurfers. The Clouds seem to suit me more though. It survived its 19 km maiden voyage and passed with flying colours. It was springy, light, and comfortable for the most part.

The Pose Method

A couple of months ago, the Media Director at The Pose Method invited me to check out what they are all about. According to the Pose Method, a stride is broken into 3 parts: Pose, Fall, and Pull. In this technique, the runner takes advantage of gravitational pull to propel forward. They say it prevents injuries and improves performance. Makes sense to me, I’m not exactly sure if I’m doing it properly since I still have my other training ingrained in my head.

Free Trial: Online Courses

Lately, I’ve been making use of their free trial on YouTube which gives you complete access to their running videos. It costs $4.99/month if you wish to subscribe. Their videos are well-produced, informative, and have a big variety of content. If you are new to running, I suggest you take advantage of their free trial and gain as much knowledge as you can. They focus more on running posture, drills, and strength training, so you will still have to figure out a running schedule yourself for whatever race you’re training for. In preparation for my marathon, I have been following their 4-week Strength Development program. I’ll let you know in a couple weeks if it has helped my running at all. Right now, all I can say is that my legs are looking more defined 😛

How’s your running journey going? Trying anything new? Share your story in the comments below.

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  1. I’ve been loving (hating) the BCMC as a great workout this winter! It’s definitely a challenging trail. I also read that the Grouse Grind is partly closed because of avalanche risks… so that was a little concerning! Haha. But you’re right, such beautiful views at the top!

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