May 22, 2022

Gear Review: Road ID Wrist ID Elite

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Time for another gear review! This is a must-have accessory for all athletes. I had the chance to see what the Road ID Wrist ID Elite is all about.

What is it?

Essentially the Road ID Wrist ID Elite is an ID bracelet you can wear. In case of an emergency, it allows paramedics to know the most important information about you, so they can better treat you. It is customizable: you choose your faceplate (classic, rugged or black), choose your band (solid colour silicone, two-toned silicone, or leather), and add an optional decorative badge or two (or more). You control the text that is on the faceplate, but Road ID does give you suggestions on what to include like year of birth, emergency contact info, allergies to medications, etc. They have a list of medical terms and abbreviations for you to easily convey to paramedics what your conditions are. If you have enough space you can even include a motivational message to yourself. The badges are fun to have and come in an assortment of designs, predominantly running or cycling related. There’s a Road ID for everyone in the family, even the family pet!

First Impressions

Ordering and Shipping

Ordering and customizing my Road ID Wrist ID Elite was very straightforward and easy. I ordered the classic faceplate with two toned silicone band (black and red). They also give you a ship date and tracking number. My package arrived on the last day they predicted it would arrive. I think I have customs to thank for that. If, later on, you move or need to change info, you can simply order another faceplate and not have to buy the whole kit again. The clasp, band, faceplate, and badges can be bought separately. You can even customize your own badge. Another neat thing I noticed… under the tin, they have a sticker that encourages you to reuse it. There is even a link to the website with ideas on how to reuse your tin. Neat!


The Road ID Wrist ID Elite comes disassembled in a nice metal container. There’s also foam inside so your bracelet stays protected. Instructions on how to size the band are included but I did need to refer to one of their YouTube videos to see how it’s done. I had to be careful of where to cut so as not to short myself. Just measure twice before you cut. Figuring that out was the toughest part of assembly for me 😛 Before you attach the Road ID band to the clasp, slip on your badge(s) and faceplate in the order you want. You can always add more or change things around by undoing the clasp from the band.

Out on the road

Once fitted and on my wrist, I couldn’t even feel it on my run. It was comfortable and didn’t get in the way. The clasp is sturdy, nothing loosened or opened. It also did fine in the rain. That’s basically all I can say about it… this is one of those things that you hope you never have to see the benefit of. In case that happens though, I have my name on it, year of birth, city and country of residence, and names and numbers of 2 emergency contacts. I managed to have enough space for a little reminder to myself: Keep pushing! It’s all a mental game.

Why you should get one

You can’t escape it, accidents happen. When they do, you’ll want paramedics to have all the information they need so you don’t have to speak… especially if there are certain medications that you are allergic to or other medical conditions that they need to be aware of. If your emergency contacts are on there, they can be called right away to meet you at the hospital or accident site. Anyone who trains outside should get one, especially if you’re one to leave your wallet at home. It’s a smart thing to have and as you can see, it doesn’t have to look plain. This will be a regular accessory for me every time I run. The only thing is that I need to remember to bring it with me all the time. That will come in time.

Save $5!

Road ID is giving you a $5 gift card towards your next Road ID purchase. All you have to do is click on this link:

To find out more about Road ID, connect with them on their social media links below:

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube

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Would you get one for yourself? What other things do you do to ensure your safety out on the road? Leave a comment below!

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2 thoughts on “Gear Review: Road ID Wrist ID Elite

  1. Great review. I must have missed the label that said to try re-using the container, but now that you mentioned it, I will actually try and repurpose it. I have so many knick knacks around. I’m thinking about buying another badge. They’re pretty and I’m addicted to pretty things. haha

    1. You know, I missed it too until I flipped over the tin the other day. lol And yes… I want another badge… as I told my co-worker, it’s like a Pandora bracelet for runners.

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