July 5, 2022

Marathon Training Update: Good Days and Bad Days

It’s amazing how one day you can have the run of your life and another day, you question why you ever started running in the first place. These first few months of 2017 were full of ups and downs and the reality is, you can’t escape it. Even the pros have their bad days. You just can’t let it crush your spirit. Here’s my latest marathon training update.

Long Run Blues

Last Sunday, I planned to run 28 km. There were so many factors that contributed to this being a shitty run.

  • I felt sluggish – either from the previous weekend’s race or from springing forward (DST)
  • It rained – nonstop, sideways, light, heavy, I was soaked for almost 4 hours
  • I was hungry – a single piece of toast and Nutella was not enough
  • Not enough fuel – I should’ve brought more than 1 gel… like 2 gels and a banana or something
  • I only completed 27k – I decided not to go all the way to Jericho Beach since I was already feeling awful and cold
  • Hives! – lesson learned… after exercising and being exposed to the cold for hours, DO NOT HOP INTO A HOT SHOWER RIGHT AWAY. I broke out in hives, which didn’t go away until the next day.

But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right? Despite the negatives, there are still some positives to take away from this run.

  • I completed 27k – my physio will probably be happy about the fact that I didn’t increase my mileage too much
  • I’m still on track – I was behind, at first, but now I’ve caught up and on the right track. I’m trying to follow Hal Higdon’s Intermediate 1 program as closely as I can without injuring myself further.
  • I checked out Vancouver Running Company – I purposely added a stop to Vancouver Running Company on my route so that I can pick up a new long-sleeved shirt I bought online (and on sale!) – also bought some cute new socks.
  • Felt badass – not everyone will go out for a run in that kind of weather so I’m glad I managed to do it

Trying 10 & 1’s

I also tried something new on Sunday’s long run… 10 and 1’s. I usually run 10 & 1’s with the Ladies of the Trails Turtle Group but I’ve never done it on my own on the road. If you don’t know, the 10:1 training concept was created by Running Room’s John Stanton. It’s said to help runners increase their endurance while reducing the chance of injury. For more info, you can click here. Since I wanted to take it easy on the ankle, I decided to try it out on Sunday.

What I Liked About 10 & 1’s

  • I looked forward to the walking breaks.
  • It breaks up the workout.

What I Didn’t Like About 10 & 1’s

  • Even though I had alerts set up, it made me keep looking at my watch… which made time go slower.
  • 1 minute is not much of a rest. You lose momentum, catch your breath, and then have to start up again soon.
  • I fell apart after 16 km — but that could’ve been caused by fatigue.

I don’t know why but 10 & 1’s felt better on the trail than it did on the road. When I started running, I didn’t even train this way. I always found it hard to get back into the groove after a rest and sure enough, after repeated rest, I seemed to have worn myself down. I’d be willing to try this again though. After all, I was feeling crappy on the weekend so that probably didn’t help. I’ll try it again another day… maybe at this weekend’s 30k.

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How are you doing with your marathon training? Let me know in the comments below!

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