July 5, 2022

Race Recap: St. Patrick’s Day 5K

It’s my third year running the St. Patrick’s Day 5K. It was fun the first two times and the third is no different.


There are no changes to the Stanley Park course. It uses the roads rather than the seawall so it’s more hilly. It has a downhill start on Pipeline Road and then makes a left at Stanley Park Drive. You then follow this road until you make a left on Pipeline Road again and then a sharp left leading up to the Stanley Park Pavilion where beer awaits.

Package Pickup & Swag

I didn’t get to go to the Denman Running Room, where package pickup was held. Work covered my entry fee and our team captain picked up everyone’s packages. Along with the bib and timing chip, I got some samples (muscle gel, energy drink, and oatmeal) as well as a pair of BMO gloves. Instead of a medal, the St. Patrick’s Day 5K is known for giving out beer glasses. This year it was a metal beer mug. Again, you have to pay for the beer that goes in it. 1 glass for $7 and I can’t remember the other prices. I did overhear someone saying that beer prices increased. There’s still the packed food tent where runners could get free Starbucks coffee, samples of Oasis juice, soup, mini cupcakes from Original Cupcakes, chips, and bananas.

How Did I Do?

Last year I ran a personal best 5K at this race with a 27:05 chip time. All I wanted to do today was have fun, and push if my body was letting me. It was cold this morning and thank goodness the rain stayed away. The last two years I ran the St. Patrick’s Day 5K, it rained. I started somewhere near the back and had to weave through a lot of people before it opened up. I knew I had to run 5:22/km in order to finish at 26:50. It wasn’t my day though.

The best I could do today was about 5:37/km. I managed to get a burst of speed at the last hill approaching the finish line. Unfortunately, there was a wall of people who slowed me down a bit. Finishing a minute over last year’s time is still amazing. At least I didn’t lose too much fitness after injuring myself.

Would I Do It Again?

Yes, definitely. It’s a serious race and it’s a fun run so it appeals to most people. The St. Patrick’s Day 5K still has a great selection of post-race food (cupcakes are always a hit with me). You’ll probably see me there again next year to make it 4 in a row! Congratulations to everyone who raced today!

Did you race today? Do you like the race swag as much as Hobbes does? Tell me your adventures in the comments below.

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