July 5, 2022

Race Recap: Try Events Hot Chocolate Run (5K/10.4K) 2017

Late last year, my two friends, Diane and Leslie, decided to try out running. We have been running once a week pretty regularly, rain or shine and it’s been going well. They decided to sign up for a 5K race and being foodies, they couldn’t resist the Try Events Hot Chocolate Run 5k/10.4k. I decided to sign up with them too because I wanted to be there for them on their first ever race. The catch for me is that I actually had to leave for Seattle right after this run. I didn’t want to miss it though so off we went.

What’s New

I’ve run the longer distance in this event before and the biggest change is the start/finish line. It’s no longer at the Stanley Park Pavilion, instead it’s at Lumberman’s Arch. It was a short walk from the Rose Garden Bus Loop so taking transit was still a great option if you could.

The Course

The 5k course starts with an uphill heading south towards Devonian Harbour Park. We then ran around the small park and then followed the seawall back to Lumberman’s Arch. Watch out though, there’s a short uphill finish… it’s not bad, just a few meters. The 10.4k takes you all around the Stanley Park seawall and Devonian Harbour Park. No more long uphill finish like the one at the old location. That is an improvement 😛 The weather gods were kind to us on this day because it was gorgeous and sunny (but cold). It’s the perfect way to show off Stanley Park’s picturesque seawall and natural beauty.

Package Pickup and Swag

Package pickup was once again held at Lady Sport in Kitsilano on the Thursday before the race. On Friday, package pickup was in another location in Burnaby. Pickup hours seemed very limited though… 4pm til 8pm on the Thursday and 11am til 3pm on the Friday. It worked out for me but I wonder if other people had trouble finding the time to go. For those who needed race day pickup, it was available but you had to notify them ahead of time and pay a $5 fee.

The Try Events Hot Chocolate Run gives you a great bang for your buck. For about $45-65 each runner gets a nice long sleeve tech shirt, medal, ceramic mug, Tim Hortons hot chocolate at the finish, timing chip and après race snacks. That’s a lot! As an added bonus, I got a $2 discount because I had also signed up for their previous race. I won’t say no to a discount 🙂 The medal is really cute… even my cat thinks so.

How Did We Do?

My only purpose was to have fun with my friends and get them to the finish line in 40 minutes or under. I’m happy to say that Leslie and Diane did really well. There were a few times we had to pause to tie shoelaces or to get a drink at the aid station, but we managed to get back on track soon after. So well that we actually managed to push our way into a 36:40 finish. I’m so proud of them for crushing their first race. Hopefully this won’t be their last 🙂 We got our hot chocolates and then I had to run off so I could get to race #2 of the weekend… and more hot chocolate… but that’s another blog post! Congrats Diane and Leslie for kicking so much ass on the road!

Would I Do It Again?

Yes! Loved the value, swag, and the great new location. I’d want to do the longer distance though. Keep up the great work, Try Events!

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