July 5, 2022

Marathon Training Update: Impromptu 21.1 at Burnaby Lake

Since the First Half got cancelled, I haven’t been sitting around like I said I should… I’ve been keeping myself busy ūüôā Here’s my latest marathon training update featuring my first visit to Burnaby Lake.

Wonky Weather

First of all, let me say… enough with the crazy weather already!¬†I know I’m not the only one making wild guesses on what to wear – gloves or no gloves? Vest or no vest? Hat or no hat? Spikes or no spikes? Today I left my gloves at home so my hands were freezing but my torso was so hot. It was hailing in one city, snowing at another, and sunny where I was. I’m hoping this calms down very soon. Maybe I should just keep running with Olivia… we met at a RunGo lunch run 4 months ago and every time we’ve run together, the weather was pleasant. If you’re not following Olivia on Instagram yet, you should… she’s fab and super inspiring. @rdfit.olivia

New Shoes

For my birthday Cuski’s parents got me gift cards for Running Room and as it turned out, a pair¬†of my shoes was on the verge of retiring. It was time to get another adidas Ultra Boost and I love the new black with hints of purple.

Just for fun, I decided to take a photo of our ever growing adidas collection. There are 4 pairs of Ultra Boosts (black, teal, white and black/purple), a pair of Boston Boosts (light blue), 2 pairs of his and hers Energy Boosts ATR (maroon and green), and my awesome new trail shoes, the Terrex Agravic GTX. Do I look obsessed? The answer is yes ūüėõ

Exploring Burnaby Lake

The BMO Vancouver Marathon is just over 2 months away and I came to a realization that I’m WAY behind on my long runs. I decided I was going to run extra after¬†the Ladies of the Trails Turtle group run. The destination was Burnaby Lake and they were going to do one loop around the lake (10K). My plan was to go at least 16-18km. The idea was to run a loop and a half and double back to Piper Avenue and run to the closest Skytrain Station (Lake City Way).

If you haven’t been there, Burnaby Lake is a great run. It’s pretty flat and the way the trails were made, it added a spring in our steps. It wasn’t hard or rocky but you do have to look out for random tree roots every once in a while. Don’t miss the viewpoint tower at Piper Spit, you can climb up and see an unobstructed view of the lake. It was gorgeous. At one end of the lake, Cariboo Dam, there was a Turtle Nesting Area… so cool! I hope to see them hatch one day. Trail traffic wasn’t too crazy but there was a Sun Run training group running through while we were there and some people walking their dogs. Lots of room for everyone! Just beware of ice though… there’s still lots left over from the big snowfall.

I did stick to my original plan but soon realized that I¬†miscalculated. I¬†was going to end up short if I ran to LCW¬†Station. A run to Sperling Station would total 18 km. I was fine with that so I ran back along the trail but it turns out there’s no shortcut¬†to the road. I had to run¬†back underneath the Kensington ramp to get to the Central Valley Greenway, and eventually cross the bicycle overpass to get to Sperling. By then, I was at 20 km. I figured¬†I might as well do 21.1. I ran back and forth along Sperling until I got my distance and finished unscathed. For someone who hasn’t run that long in a while, I seem to have fared well.¬†I’m still behind on my training but not as bad as I was before. With the snowfall forecast for this weekend (on my 25k run) I’m really glad I managed to get this distance under my belt.

Turtle Power!

A quick shout-out to the Turtles! To fill you in… Ladies of the Trails is a Facebook group for women of all skill levels who love trail running. A Turtle group was created by a fab woman named Tannis and she hosts weekly group runs for newbies and slower-paced runners (Turtles). This is a great introduction to trail running and an awesome chance to meet some fantastic people.

A description from the event page…

The expectation is that we run as a “Turtle” group. Running too far ahead defeats the purpose of the “Turtle Power” “no pressure” welcome mat–especially in the event of medical issues or unexpected physical difficulty. Turtle Power pacing caters to ladies returning from injury and just want to check out mechanics and for ladies whom can run a 10k flat or climb the Grouse Grind between 1:15hr and 1:30hr or run a 9min to 11min KM for at least 8km and want to trail run. We will be going as far as approx. 8K this weekend.–ups and downs. We run/power hike 10mins then alternate to a 2min walk/rest stop depending on the trail terrain.

They’re a fun group and if this sounds like your thing, you should join us! Tannis changes up locations every week so there’s always something new to see or experience. Just join the Ladies of the Trails Group on Facebook and find the Turtle runs in the Events tab. You can’t miss the cute cartoon turtle icon.

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How’s your training going? Got any big races planned? Feel free to leave a comment and let me know!

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