July 5, 2022

Latest Vancouver Eats: Mister, Zero Zero Pizzeria, Poké Time

Finding good food is a constant mission for me. Here are 3 Vancouver eats I checked out in the last week, all of which I thoroughly enjoyed.

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So many ice cream joints have opened up all over Vancouver and Mister has one of the hottest trends in frozen desserts: ice cream made with liquid nitrogen. They’ve recently received some great press, specifically from Adele, who visited the shop and raved about their ice cream in front of thousands of Vancouver fans. I also edited a story featuring Mister, which you can see below. Ever since then, I’ve been craving the creme brulee ice cream.

I finally got my hands on it and it didn’t disappoint. The sugar crackle was better than other cremes brulées I’ve had and the ice cream was creamy, delicious, and a hefty portion. It was pricey at $8, but it’s worth it once in a while. Check them out on Mainland Street in Yaletown.

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Zero Zero Pizzeria

I’ve been eyeing this place for a while. My neighbourhood has a bunch of pizza places, each better than the last so I needed to try this place out. I’m so glad I did. I had the Margherita pizza slice and half a caesar salad. Unfortunately they were out of caprese salad but I’m sure it’s just as good. The crust is thick but soft, apparently they let the dough rest for 72 hours before baking (according to a sign in the shop). A slice makes a decent portion but if you’re really hungry get two. Order by the slice or pre-order full pizzas, either way, I hope you’ll like this place as much as I do. Check out their website here and you can find them on Abbott near Hastings Street.

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Poké Time

I knew about Poké Time before it even opened. They were ahead on their social media game so I was anticipating it to open. They make custom poké One day on a walk during lunch, I saw the shop and decided to go in and grab some lunch. They were out of everything I wanted by 1:15pm but my B meal was still fantastic. I got the albacore tuna and cooked shrimp on brown rice plus whatever sauces and toppings I wanted. It was big, filling and very tasty. Also pretty healthy I think. I can’t wait to go back and try other combinations. I know they just opened so they’re probably still ironing out the kinks but I hope they will be more prepared next time with lots of ahi tuna and salmon 🙂 You can find them in the West End on Robson between Bute and Jervis.

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