August 9, 2022

Sponsor me at the Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon & 5K!

I was flip-flopping between running and not running the Scotia Half. I did it last year when it was ridiculously hot and still remains my worst half marathon result to date. I’m still a little burned out from long distances so I thought, if I were to do it, I’d do the 5k. So I planned to sign up and suddenly the 5k was sold out. OOPS! I was disappointed but I figured, ok maybe this is a good time for me to give back a different way by taking photos of runners, which I’ve been meaning to do for a while now. Little did I know that fate had other plans…

Photo by Carmen Marin

I get an email at work and I had an opportunity to run the 5k and do a little fundraising as well. Of course I said yes! 😛 This was a chance for me to make a little difference to a charity I love. I chose to fundraise for the Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (or VOKRA for short).

Hobbes - photo by Jelger + Tanja

I am a cat lover. My 10-year old tuxedo cat Hobbes is a rescue and my best furry friend. VOKRA helps orphan kittens (like Hobbes once was) find their forever homes. They have a no-kill policy and instead of having an actual shelter, they work with more than 350 foster homes who can take care of the cats until they are adopted. This way, they are raised in a loving home environment, socialized and lead normal, safe, happy lives. While I didn’t adopt Hobbes from VOKRA, I did so from another organization who also had a foster home system. Hobbes was a healthy and happy kitten and I really appreciated his foster mom for taking great care of him and making sure that I would do the same as well. VOKRA is no different. I am more than happy to support these hard-working and generous volunteers. I donated my race entry to VOKRA.

If you would like to support me and this amazing organization, you can do so by clicking on the link below:

Sponsor me!

Hobbes - photo by Jelger + Tanja

Thank you for your generosity! Hobbes and I appreciate it 🙂

Hobbes’ photos courtesy Jelger + Tanja, Running photo by Carmen Marin

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