July 5, 2022

Race Recap: Vancouver Sun Run 2016

I ran this year’s Vancouver Sun Run fresh off the Paris Marathon and almost 2 weeks of over indulgence and marathon recovery. I was probably suffering from jet lag too. I was counting on the fact that I knew the course really well and it was onlyĀ a 10k, how bad could it be? Let’s just say it wasn’t my best performance šŸ˜›

Cuski and I at the Vancouver Sun Run

Package Pickup

My work had a corporate team so my entry into the Sun Run was comped. That being said, our team captain picked up our packages which consisted of the race bib and the t-shirt… but not the cotton shirt this year, a real tech shirt! Finally after over 3 decades the shirt they provided was one you could actually wear comfortably on the course. I wasn’t a fan of the design and colour but it still was a big improvement from the old cotton shirts. I still went to check out the expo even though I got my stuff already. I went around lunch time on the Friday and it was pretty empty. There wasn’t a lot of vendors so I didn’t stick around. I was glad to see an Adidas rep though as I had just bought new shoes and had some questions about it. Needless to say they justified my expense šŸ™‚

All smiles at the starting lineHow Did I Do?

So I didn’t wear the Sun Run shirt to the race, instead I wore my Paris Marathon souvenir shirt. I was very excited about that šŸ˜› This year I seeded myself a little higher and ended up in the green corral. Cuski and IĀ arrived at Georgia and Burrard and soon parted ways. It was packed as usual and tried to find my corral. What I thought was my corral was actually the yellow corrall (1 level faster than mine) but you couldn’t even tell… everywhere I looked, each person had a different bib colour. Lots of them had bib colours from the slowest corral so clearly it wasn’t really enforced. Thankfully I didn’t have to wait that long to start this time. I started running about 10 minutes after the elites went so that was nice compared to last year’s super long wait.

Vancouver Sun Run 2016

Being in the faster corral was way better and I didn’t find myself weaving as much as I did last year. Don’t get me wrong, there were still lots of people walking and running together with linked arms (seriously) within the first hundred metersĀ but I seemed to get past them without too much of a detour. I was doing really well until the 5th km (and Hornby hill) and then it went downhill from there. The heat affected me and I couldn’t really breathe (I was still recovering from a cold). It was stop and go all along 6th Avenue. It was very hot that I saw some people passed out on the side of the road… two of them were on the Cambie Street bridge and I thought aww man, so close! I hope they are feeling better. I ended up with 1:04:04 – just over a minute slower than last year.

I decided not to stick around for the expo since my place was not far from the finish line. I promptly walked home and stretched out on the couch. Better luck next year I guess.

Not much has changed from year to year. There were lots of aid stations with water so if you’re not picky, you could get away with not bringing any water with you. The new shirts are a plus butĀ still no medals. I hope one day they’ll decide to have medals. I would pay extra for it and others probably would too. It’s definitely not a race to PB because of the insane amount of people (I couldn’t even sprint to the finish). There were photographers there but you’d be lucky if they actually gotĀ a clear shot of you. It was just way too congested. My only beef (other than the crowds)… be a little more strict with the corrals. The honour system doesn’t really work and just adds to the problem. I’d do this race again next year though (if it’s free).

Did you do the Sun Run this year? How did you do? Leave a comment below and share your story!

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