July 6, 2022

So I’m kind of loving the trails…

After running on concrete for nearly 6 hours in the marathon, I felt like I needed a change of pace. I’ve been following local runners who love trail running and I felt inspired. I decided to get a pair of trail shoes (Adidas Energy Boost ATR) and committed to running at least 1 trail run per week, including weekly Grouse Grinds. I figured it would also be easier on my legs but also build much-needed strength.

Grouse Grind

I’ve done 3 Grouse Grinds and so far I’m pleased with how it’s going. Last year, my fastest Grind time was 1:07:38 and after my third climb this year, I have already beaten it (1:06:55). I’m so motivated and excited for this season, I might just break an hour. Let’s just see what happens.

Matching Adidas Energy Boost ATR's

In addition to the Grouse Grind, I’ve also been exploring the Stanley Park trails and gone on a run at Watershed Park with Cuski. I love the technical terrain (well more technical than concrete lol), the cool crisp air and feeling of being amongst the trees. It really clears your head and helps you forget about everyday stress. I guess my trail shoes are getting a bit more of a workout than my road shoes 😛

So I'm kind of loving the trails...

I convinced Cuski to sign up for the 5 Peaks Seymour race… the Sports course, thought I’d take it easy on myself for my first one lol. I hope I’ll survive but from what I hear, the 5 Peaks races are the races that really hook you into trail running. So let’s see how I feel after that haha! Guaranteed, there will be a race report coming.

Maybe I’ll see you on the trails sometime!

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