August 9, 2022

The Paris Marathon Countdown Is On…

Marathon training is on its last legs but the real journey has yet to begin. In less than a week, Cuski and I will be on a plane to Paris where I will be taking on the biggest challenge of my life (so far), Le Marathon de Paris. It is also my first marathon and first destination race. That could’ve been a stupid move on my part but let’s see what happens… šŸ˜›

At Jack Poole Plaza in Vancouver

How Did Training Go?

Training was tough and I also had a few races during that time, two of which I managed to snag PB’s in and a half marathon I’d love to forget. I stuck to my workouts, training plan and listened to my coach. I now understand the importance of recovery and doing everything you can to help speed things up. I’ve come to love ice baths and warm salt baths, not to mention a lot of quality time spent with the foam roller. I’ve been wearing my Tiux compression socksĀ (get 10% off) regularly for recovery, it’s becomeĀ my second skin. All of these contributedĀ to my (knock on wood) injury-free training period. I’ve also realized how important a strong core is… I seeĀ lots more planks in my future. All in all, I was pretty happy with my training plan and with proper recovery I was still able to get some speedy, punchy runs in rather than just fatigued runs. Marathon training takes a lot out of you, especially if you’re not used to working out this much (like me). Logging a 50 km week was a feat, but I managed to pull it off. I also couldn’t believe it… a 10 km run feels like aĀ “normal workout” distance for me now. Yikes…

Overcoming My Longest Run

The human body is quite amazing, I’ve gotta say, especially when paired with a strong mental focus. My longest run was 30 km and I did this once. For half the run, I had ideal weather conditions but knowing our city, I knew it wasn’t going to last. I was hit with heavy rain and strong winds at the toughest part of my route (Kitsilano – Jericho Beach – eastbound on 4th Avenue). By that point I kept telling myself to walk the uphills and run the downhills and flats. That seemed to work. All in all, I was very happy with the run. I managed to run nonstop for 17 kilometers which I’ve never done before. I was actually quite surprised because I thought I’d be stopping way more than I actually did. I was out on the road for 4:10:26 but my moving time was just under 4 hours. When I saw that, my confidence shot through the roof. This meant that I couldĀ finish the marathon in under 5:30. Of course, I’d be taking into account adrenaline and excitement that day (and hopefully not hitting a wall) which could potentially propel me to a faster time. I think 5 hours is still a fair goal for me so I’ll go with that. Not to mention that the course in Paris is not going to be as hilly as this. I’m also happy to say that the only wall I hit on this long run was the wind… but let’s see what an extra 12.2 km will bring.

Downtown Vancouver skyline

What Am I Nervous About?

  • Our safety – you know why…
  • Injury
  • Not finishing
  • Jetlag
  • Lack of porta-potties along the race course and having to go in the woods (I’m not kidding)

These are all in my mind but the only thing I can do is just push forward and overcome it. So that is what I’m choosing to do… and of course we will be on high alert during our stay there. Livetrack will be on while I am doing the race for family to keep track of where I am. All we can do is think positive, hope for the best and make the most of it.


Follow Me Through Paris and Copenhagen!

After the marathon, I’ll have a few days left in Paris then it’s off to Copenhagen, Denmark and potentially Malmo, Sweden. If you know me, you know I love taking photos and sharing them so follow me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to keep tabs on my trip.

So wish me luck and I will be writing about my experiences soon šŸ™‚

ƀ la prochaine, mes amis!


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