July 6, 2022

Review: The Grand Tour Cookbook

One of Cuski’s Christmas presents from me is one I definitely take advantage of too… but I swear I was thinking of him the whole time when I bought it 😛 It is the hefty and amazing Grand Tour Cookbook by Danish chef Hannah Grant. Hannah is the team chef of pro cycling team Tinkoff-Saxo and a GCN contributor.

The Grand Tour Cookbook Her cookbook is modeled after actual menus she has created for 3-week cycling tours like the Tour de France, the Giro and the Vuelta, so the meals are separated into race days. Her recipes are easy to prepare and include high energy, nutritious, unprocessed ingredients for athletes. It’s geared for cyclists but hey, runners work just as hard so it’s good for us too 😉 For the cycling aficionado, you will see pro cyclist interviews that Hannah has done, where you’ll find out more about what a healthy diet means to them. In the last month, we have made a bunch of different recipes from this book and we are impressed with the simplicity of the ingredients she uses and how easy the recipes were to make. You can also find most of what you need at the grocery store… once in a while a health food store (like flax seed oil, chia seeds, for example)… but generally they are very common. The book is pricey but it’s worth it, in my opinion. Check it out, you can buy it on Amazon for $60 US. It makes a nice gift for the athlete in your life or anyone who just wants to live a healthier lifestyle. No bicycles or running shoes required, although you may want to get some with all the extra energy you’ll be getting with this food 😛 Here’s a look at some of the recipes we’ve made so far:

Meatballs with Coriander and Spicy Tomato Sauce

We had less meat than what it asked for but it still made a lot. There’s rolled oats, onions, and cilantro in these and we baked them for good measure. Wow, these were good. Excellent with the tomato sauce we made from scratch (also her recipe) and rice… yum yum, still enjoying the leftovers!

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Tomato, Avocado, Pine Nuts, and Feta

So simple, raw, vegetarian… all the flavours just mesh well. It’s bright and vibrant and a burst of flavour in every bite.

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Chocolate Mousse

This took a bit of work but it was worth it at the end. Not really the healthiest with all the cream but hey, sometimes it’s good to indulge in dessert. Whenever Tinkoff-Saxo wins, the team gets dessert and champagne. This mousse is definitely worth all the pain and hard work.

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Pasta Puttanesca

This was the first entree I made with the cookbook. Again, super easy… I made tomato sauce from scratch and used part of it for this recipe. Loved all the flavours, even the capers (and I’m not a huge fan of them). I would make it again in a heartbeat. The rest of the tomato sauce became another pasta sauce for another night.

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Do you have any go-to cookbooks? Share it below in the comments section 🙂 Happy cooking!

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