June 6, 2023

Running Faves: Gear

Runners’ needs don’t end with clothes & shoes, sometimes you need a few extra items to make your run as comfortable as possible. Here are some of my favourite gear.

Nathan Moxy Hydration Pack

Since I’ve started marathon training, I felt I needed something to keep me fuelled for those very long runs that I will soon be doing. The Nathan Moxy hydration pack has become my long run staple. Any run that’s 10 km or longer, I bring it along with me. I love it for so many reasons:

  1. It fits my back well.
  2. It doesn’t bounce.
  3. It’s not heavy, even with water.
  4. It looks stylish.
  5. It has great storage space, pockets for gels and my phone in front and enough room in the pack for a jacket, keys and wallet.
  6. Bladder is easy to clean and removable so if I need to carry things back and forth, it’ll fit in the pack.
  7. It seems to be waterproof/water-resistant. I took it with me on a very rainy run and the stuff inside stayed dry.

Running with my Nathan Moxy Hydration Pack

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If I’m not wearing a pack, I am wearing my Spibelt. I run with my phone so I need something to carry it in and a Spibelt does the trick. It doesn’t bounce and fits my iPhone 6 without a problem. Just once in a while it could ride up during the run so I try to have keys or something bulky in my back pocket to act as a barrier. That generally works. It also has loops to hang a bib and gels!

Photo by Carmen Marin

Energizer Headlamp

I got this headlamp during the Night Race and I bring it every time I have to run at night. It’s just a basic headlamp, I’m sure there are better ones out there but this does the job and it’s comfortable.

Zahra and I at the start - photo by Carmen Marin

Duracell Durabeam Armbands

These are so great. A friend gave me one and I bring it along during my night runs. I wear it on my arm or attach it across my pack to stay visible. She got them at Costco for a great deal.

Easy Laces

I was introduced to Easy Laces via the RunLoveBox I subscribe to. I love it, I have not had to tie the laces on my Asics since I put them on. They are snug but easily adjustable… sometimes a little tight but it takes some time getting used to it.

Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor

I got this heart rate monitor for Christmas one year and I love it. I use it every time I go for a run. It connects to most smartphones and GPS watches… and when paired with my final fave item in the list, I get some very detailed stats.


Save the best for last! My favourite “gear” is an app called Strava. Strava is responsible for triggering my competitive nature and kept me running. When paired with a heart rate monitor and Strava Premium (well worth it), I get a lot of information on my fitness and improvements. It shows me how much faster I’ve become since the last time I ran a particular segment or route and motivates me to try to beat it next time. If you want to follow my running adventures on Strava, click here or download it for yourself!

What are your favourite running gear? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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