May 22, 2022

Running Faves: Clothes

I’ve only been running for a year but I’ve amassed quite a wardrobe just for running. I’m not just talking about the free race shirts either (although… that’s another story :P). Here are a few of my favourite pieces, which I hope you’ll love too.


There are a few things I wear all year round that are so comfortable in the summer heat and wicks sweat well when layered in the colder months. Those are the Adidas Primeknit Running Tees, Lululemon Swiftly Tech Short Sleeved Tee and Racerback. All are light, breathable and easily layers under a pullover or jacket.

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Jackets / Cold Weather

One of my favourite pullovers is an Adidas half zip Climacool half zip long sleeve I found at Costco. It has a standup collar so my neck can be warm at least in the beginning, as well as thumb holes so part of my hands are covered and the sleeves don’t ride up. Best of all, it keeps me cool, even in the winter. I don’t overheat. To keep the rain out, I use a Mizuno Katara Shell. I also love Lululemon’s Down for a Run vest, which I recently received this Christmas (thanks Mom). It’s great for crisp, clear days. My core stays nice and toasty the whole time, there’s a whole inside the pocket which you can thread your headphone cable through and my iPhone 6 fits easily into the pocket. Just remember not to wear too many layers underneath otherwise it’ll be too hot.

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I’m very particular with my bottoms because pockets are very important to me. I prefer them to be in the back against my tailbone so I don’t feel my keys or cards. Most of the items I listed here fall in that category. In the summertime, I love my Lululemon Speed Shorts and Oiselle Embossed Mac Roga Shorts. They are light and airy, perfect for long runs in high temps. The zippered pocket on the Oiselle shorts are not on the waistband though, it’s on the back right and it still feels fine when I run. For more coverage, one of my newest buys is also one of my absolute favourites. It’s the Nike Dri-Fit Epic Run Crops. The material is thick but comfortable and still cool. It’s easy to move in and the print I have is pretty amazing, very stylish.

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I have tried so many socks from brands like Nike, Lululemon, New Balance… but they didn’t make the cut. My favourite socks come from Balega (from my latest RunLoveBox), Mizuno, Adidas, and Darn Tough (found at MEC). The Darn Tough socks are the lightest of the 4 pairs and keep my feet nice and cool. I’m looking forward to wearing them when it gets hotter. The rest of them are cushiony but not too warm. If I had to choose one pair, it would have to be the Balega. I wear them with my Ultra Boosts, which are on its last legs already… so much so that I can feel every bump on the ground when I wear them with other socks. With Balega, it’s like a whole new layer of comfort… enough to last me until my new Boosts arrive. For longer runs I use compression socks, and I do love my Tiux socks. I also wear them on colder days, underneath my crop pants so my legs are completely protected from the cold air.

Balega socks in my RunLoveBox


I started off with Asics Gel-Kayanos (and I still have a pair as a backup) but my new true love is the Adidas Ultra Boosts. They are the lightest, most comfortable shoes I’ve ever tried. My first thought when I ran in them, it felt like running in the clouds. It’s such a noticeable weight difference too whenever I switch between my Asics and my Adidas. My new boosts will be arriving in the mail soon and I can’t wait to give those a well-deserved maiden voyage.

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Coming soon… to my feet!

Adidas Ultra Boosts


I wear hats when I run and my two favourites are from Lululemon. The ones I own have been updated but it’s similar to the Race to Place hat and Run and Done toque. The hat is effective on super hot, sunny days or rainy weather (keeps the water out of my eyes), while the toque is excellent for cold weather and keeps my ears nice and warm. My ears tend to hurt in cold weather so this was very important to me. I also love my Tifosi sunglasses to help reduce the sun’s glare and it’s very lightweight.

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What are your favourite running clothes? Leave your suggestions below – I’m always looking to try new things!

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