July 6, 2022

Review: RunLoveBox

Wow it’s been a while since I’ve last posted… I’ll try to make it a good one šŸ™‚ Hope you’ve had a wonderful holiday season! I’ve been wanting to blog about this for a while but I thought I’d wait til a few months in so I can give a more appropriateĀ review. It’s a monthly subscription box for runners based out of Vancouver. It’s called the RunLoveBox and after 3 months worth of boxes, I can say I’m hooked.

Run Love Box

October 2015

October RunLoveBox

November 2015

November RunLoveBox

December 2015


I first found out about them via a race I signed up for. They had a coupon code for 1 box so I decided to give it a try. For $15/USD plus $5 shipping per month, members can expect a box filled with random running-related goodies like socks, shoe laces, energy bars, gels, coupons and other treats. I’ve received the October, November and December boxes, which you can see above or check out the detailed product listsĀ here. For the most part I’ve loved a lotĀ of what I’ve tried. There have been duds, unfortunately, and others I’ve still yet to try. So for now, I’ll tell you which itemsĀ I loved.

From the October box…

  • GU root beer flavoured gel – YUM! We ended up buying more of these. Easy to consume and tasty! Energy perks are good too.
  • Honey Stinger waffles – I eat these regularly already so it was nice to find in the box.
  • Easy Laces – I use them on my Asics and they work well. I no longer need to tie my shoes but I find that it gets too tight sometimes. Just needs adjusting every once in a while

From the November box…

  • Kashi Cranberry Lemon bar – very delicious, I’d buy this again.
  • Sport Suds – Used these, not bad, but it has no scent and I was hoping my clothes would come out smelling nice rather than scent-free. But if you like scent-free then perhaps you’ll like this.
  • Running shoe pendant – I still haven’t put it on a necklace but I will. It’s super cute!

From the December box…

  • Balega socks – WOW! I think this is my favourite item out of all the boxes so far. So cushiony, great quality. Love them so much, I’ve used them twice already in the week after I received my box.

The one drawback about this box is that clients get billed in USD even though it’s based in Canada… especially with the Canadian dollar being so low at the moment. Otherwise, it makes a pretty nice present for a fellow runner. They only have month to month plans and you can cancel anytime. I am looking forward to my January box. I post photos of what I receive on my Instagram so feel free to follow me there to see what I got!

Will you be getting a RunLoveBox? Tell me in the comments below!

This post is not sponsored, opinions are my own and I’ve paid for all these boxes.

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