August 9, 2022

The Great Climate Race: November 8, 2015 + 30% off Discount

Co-Founder Ben West and I at the Eastside 10KI’m excited to be a part of this new race and initiative in Vancouver. Thanks to fellow ambassador, Brie Hemingway, I was able to make contact with the organizers of The Great Climate Race. Ben West and Mari McMillan are the co-founders of this new fun run with a difference. They crowdfund for local renewable energy projects as well as raise awareness for climate solutions. Anybody can get involved and you don’t have to be a runner to do it. Here are the ways that you can be a part of it:

The Great Climate Race

  • The Great Climate RaceRun/Walk a 2.5K – Run or walk around Lost Lagoon – $35 ($40 on Race Day)
  • Run/Walk a 10K – If you’re up for a challenge, run or walk around the scenic Stanley Park seawall – $70 ($75 on Race Day)
  • Run/Walk a virtual 2.5 or 10K – If you can’t attend, you can run your own Great Climate Race wherever you are! Run anytime from November 1st until November 8th, post photos on your social media channels (don’t forget to hashtag #GreatClimateRace) & be a part of the movement! – $9
  • Donate or fundraise – If you love the cause but don’t want to run, you can donate here or support my fundraising page! You can also start your fundraising page here!
  • Be an Ambassador – Help spread the word and promote this awesome new event and initiative… like me! I’m happy to be a part of a passionate group who wants nothing but positive change in the community and environment. To apply, click here.
  • Volunteer – Be a part of the race by supporting the runners! You have no idea how much runners support volunteers. Who else would give us water? 😛 Be a part of the fun by clicking here.

The Great Climate Race

A portion from each entry fee will be going towards the Renewable Energy Fund which will allow solar energy installations to be donated to community organizations. The first project that this race will be benefiting will be the Nature House at Lost Lagoon. It’s a great way to give back to the community as well as the environment.

Why am I running? I admire Ben and Mari’s commitment and attitude to the project. I love all the positive vibes and their willingness to do something good to help fight a growing problem. It’s great to know that my entry fee is going towards something that will make a difference in our city and our climate.

So are you ready to take part? I have a discount code for you!

Get 30% off The Great Climate Race with this promo code: JeannineClimate

Hope to see you on the seawall on November 8th!

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