August 9, 2022

A Look Back at a Year of Running

Started off with a smile!Thanks to Facebook memories, I was informed that I went on that fateful “first run” with Cuski a year ago. On October 2nd, 2014, Cuski wanted to crosstrain for cyclocross and I said “I’ll come with you!” We went for a 3.76 km run and I remember being so tired and winded after that. My pace was 7:29 min/km. Fast forward to a year later and my pace has improved to around 5:30-6:00 min/km and I’ve completed 13 races (includes 3 half marathons) so far with more coming up.

If you told me a year ago that I would accomplish what I did, I would think you’re nuts because I never liked running. I actually preferred running on a treadmill because it was easier but now, I wouldn’t even touch a treadmill. I run so often now, you must be wondering… what do I get out of this?

  • Eastside 10KFood – I love to eat and eating what I want, guilt-free, is pretty amazing. Although I do realize that if I ate better, I will improve… but I just can’t say no to poutine & Skittles (for now).
  • Fitness – I think I’m in the best shape of my life and feel a lot more confident.
  • Friends – Running friends and November Project people are some of the most motivating and inspiring people I have ever met. They get me out there.
  • Challenges – I’m naturally competitive Before the Beer to Baconso every time I complete a new challenge it just feeds my need to do more.
  • Stress-relief – Runners’ high is NOT a myth. After a run (especially a good run), I feel like everything stressful in my life just fell off my shoulders and my mood elevates. Try it, you’ll see. It’s like a drug… you just want more.
  • Exploring – You get to see so much of the city during your runs. You get to soak in a lot of natural beauty and if you run through urban areas, you can keep On the Burrard Bridge at the Scotiabank Half Marathona checklist in your mind of where you should be shopping or eating next.
  • Toughness – This sport toughens you mentally and physically: the mental focus required to run long distances, the required speed and endurance to last the short races, lasting an intense foam rolling (enough said), willingness to run in any kind of weather (rain, snow, cold, dark, wet, heat, humidity, etc.) I also managed to change my My best Grouse Grind time ever!outlook on the Grouse Grind from “brutal, never again” to “fun but brutal”!
  • Cute workout clothes – Who said running was cheap when you have to have enough clothes for all types of weather? And the cute ones are always the expensive ones (ahem… Lululemon)
  • A closet full of running shoes – Well I’m not at that point yet but I’m getting close. I have 3 pairs with a new one soon to come.
  • Medals galore – My collection of medals is getting quite impressive, not to mention the growing Strava trophies I’m accumulating every month, which is making Cuski nervous… I’m very close to surpassing him.

His and Hers medals

So from a non-runner to a marathoner-in-training in 1 year… it can be done, people! If you don’t give things a chance, you won’t unlock the potential… and it could take you places. Thank you to everyone who have supported and followed me in my journey 🙂 … especially to Cuski who has been there for every. single. race. Ich liebe dich. <3

Cuski and I at my first half marathon

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