July 6, 2022

Review: Tiux Compression Socks

I have been following a lot of runners on Instagram as well as reading a lot of blogs and I’ve been noticing these super cute socks they’ve been wearing. They’re called compression socks and from what I’ve read, they’re not just a pretty face. When Brie like the Cheese hooked me up with Tiux, I was ecstatic because I’ve been admiring her Tiux socks ever since she got them. Tiux generously sent me my own pair to try out and write an unbiased review… so here it is.

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What is Tiux?

Tiux is a startup company offering high quality compression socks for a reasonable price. They cut out the middleman and sell directly from their website, which keeps their overhead low so they can focus on the product while passing on the savings to the customer. What I love about them too is that they do not have pro endorsements. Instead, they reach out to runners of all levels and encourage them to share what they really think about the socks. Personally I’d rather hear from someone who I can relate to (ie. everyday runners like myself). They sell the socks for $35 USD and ship for free in Canada and in the US. From what I’ve been reading, compression socks can cost around $70+ per pair so Tiux strives to give you more bang for your buck. As a consumer, I’m appreciative of that.


Hobbes is admiring the Tiux packaging

I like the packaging (and apparently so does my cat, Hobbes). Just a simple black box with the socks folded and neatly packaged in plastic inside. I’m glad I’m not paying extra for frilly packaging that, in reality, will get thrown out anyway.

The Socks

Do you like my Tiux socks?Tiux socks come in 3 colours: yellow/blue/black, black/yellow/grey, and pink/yellow/purple. I got the black/yellow/grey. When I took them out of the package, they felt really nice and thick. Pretty solid, I thought. It didn’t look like it will fray easily. When you order, don’t just order the size based on what you think your size is. Take the time to measure your calf and ankle. They have a size guide online to help you. Since the point of this product is to be snug around your calf, you can’t have a product that’s too small that it cuts off your circulation or too big that it can’t do what it’s supposed to do. I’ve never worn compression socks before so it was a bit of a struggle to get them on at first. They felt really comfortable and they looked great. Also, be careful when you put them on, they are specific to your right and left foot. I’ve washed them a few times already (and hung them to dry – do not tumble dry these) and there’s not much apparent wear and tear, and they haven’t lost their snug fit. After some runs and recovery, I decided I loved them so much, I had to get another pair… so I got the pink ones to match my pink Asics Gel-Kayano 20’s. The pink ones look so cute… they look super bright but when they’re on and stretched a bit, you can see white bands in between the pink and decreases the intensity of the colour…. that’s what it looks like to me anyway.

First Run

I decided to go for a run to Stanley Park and back to the Convention Centre to hit the stairs. I don’t know if I was just excited to try these but I felt like I had a spring in my step when I started running. They felt really nice and I was able to maintain my intensity. I didn’t find them too hot that day, but I remember that day wasn’t scorching either. I was pleasantly surprised that my calves weren’t burning up and they did feel strong.

Racing and Recovery From Beer to Bacon Run - photo by Carmen MarinI ran the From Beer to Bacon 8.5 km charity run last Saturday (more on this to come) and I wore my new Adidas Ultra Boosts to match my socks – don’t they look snazzy?! I should note though that we are still in the middle of a bad heat wave, it was probably around 27 degrees Celsius that day, we were in the middle of all this farm land with little cover, and the race started at 10:30… almost at the hottest time of the day. My legs were HOT that day but that’s what I get for wearing black, it just absorbs heat… nothing I can do about that. My legs felt great though! If I wasn’t feeling crappy with the heat, I could’ve pushed it a little bit more. I didn’t cramp up or anything… especially since the 8.5 km route actually turned into a 10 km lol. When I got home, I decided to wear the pink socks for recovery. I wore it for about an hour and a half to two hours while resting and doing stuff around the house. The next day I ran 10 km, again in the hot sun (ugh) but this time my legs weren’t scorching. My legs felt fine (not as tired as I thought they’d be) – if anything, the heat got to me more than fatigue. I don’t think I’ve ever run back to back 10k’s before and I seem to have gotten it done without any major problems. I won’t be surprised if the socks had anything to do with that.


So clearly I already love it since I now have 2 pairs. I should note too that buying online was a very easy process and my socks arrived pretty quickly. I highly recommend them and I hope you will give them a try. I’m definitely sold on compression socks now… soon I will probably complete my Tiux collection! Thanks Tiux for this opportunity and I can’t wait to see what other products you come up with.

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