October 7, 2022

Race Recap: From Beer to Bacon

Four Winds Brewing CompanyPhoto by Carmen Marin is one of our favourite local craft breweries so when I found out about their latest event, I got pretty excited. It combined 3 of my loves: beer, bacon, and running. It’s called From Beer to Bacon, an 8.5 km charity run whose proceeds benefited the Deltassist Family and Community Services Society. Entry was reasonable at $55 + fees and each runner received a cotton t-shirt, lunch, beer, and water. The run starts at the brewery in Delta and ends at The Dancing Pig in Ladner, for some bevvies and most importantly, BBQ.

Check out the Strava feed of this race here.

Photo by Carmen MarinWhat I Wore

I decided to wear my white November Project shirt, Lululemon shorts, Tiux compression socks (read my review here) and Adidas Ultra Boosts. In hindsight, I probably should’ve worn a sleeveless shirt but oh well! It was worth spreading awareness of such an awesome group 😛

The Run

Running in Delta/Ladner is new to me so I didn’t really know what to expect. I looked at this route website and I was wondering… what hill is that in the middle? In reality, there was no hill. In fact, after all of it, I had 0 elevation gain (which was a little disappointing because I have a climbing challenge on the go and needed some meters). So if you love flat routes, you should definitely do this run.

The roads weren’t closed for this run, we simply stayed on the sidewalk or shoulder away from traffic (there wasn’t much traffic). We ran by LOTS of farmland, which sometimes felt quite endless. My favourite part of the run was going through the Millennium Trail. It was easy but a little more technical since you have to watch where you’re stepping. It was incredibly hot that day and there was very little cover from the heat, which made the run feel longer. Another reason it felt longer was because it actually ended up being just over a kilometer longer. Instead of starting on the road, like the map said, we started in front of the brewery and ran out from the parking lot. I understand why this was done… the road is pretty narrow and there were cars parked on the side as well as traffic. We had to run out single file until we made a left at 68th Street. Anyway that added some bonus distance so if anything, you got more for your money 😛 When I crossed the finish line, Strava said I ran 9.8 km so I decided to keep going another 200 m to feed my OCD and complete a 10k. I also managed to earn my Strava 10k badge for July. The race is not timed but I think it would be neat if timing chips were available for those who want it (I wouldn’t mind paying a small fee for it). Photo by Carmen Marin Photo by Carmen MarinAs I said, it was insanely hot that day. I think we could’ve started earlier to help beat the heat… maybe at 9:30 or 10 AM instead of 10:30. I also wish there was 1 more aid station with water. There were 2 and I survived alright, but a third would’ve been nice. What was really cool was that they had a beer keg at the second aid station. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I opted not to drink any because I was already feeling faint from the heat. I decided to hydrate properly instead. The finish was in downtown Ladner, coincidentally, I was there the week before watching Tour de Delta so I knew where I was. That helped propel me to the finish line. They served iced water and gave each runner 2 drink tickets and a meal ticket. Naturally Cuski got my extra ticket and we sat down and had ourselves a nice meal. The runner’s meal was a BLT topped with bacon-wrapped sausage, chips, and coleslaw. The BLT was good but I didn’t think it was enough to satisfy a hungry runner. I wish the runner’s meal was their pulled pork sandwich instead. That’s what Cuski had and it was delicious and definitely way more substantial. Would I Do This Again? Yes! I just hope the heat wave stays away next time and I get more bacon in my lunch. Thank you Four Winds and Dancing Pig for such a fun time!

Photos by Carmen Marin, Instagram photos from @vcbride

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