July 6, 2022

Movie Review: Pixels

Pacman terrorizing New York and Galaga wreaking havoc on Earth? I was intrigued… especially since I used to play these games when I was a kid. The concept of aliens using video games to destroy the Earth sounded like a pretty awesome movie idea. This is what Pixels is about…

Upon watching the trailer, I was distracted by all the video games that were gonna be in the movie. I knew that the plot itself was gonna be crap… and I was right. It was an Adam Sandler movie after all! It was very cheesy and predictable. The love story was unnecessary. Some parts were awkward to watch because of the less than stellar dialogue and the scenes in between video game attacks just slowed the movie down. However, if you can tune all that out… the video games were pretty awesome. Real life Centipede in the sky and of course the massive Donkey Kong game… what little boy or girl in the 80’s didn’t dream of actually being IN the game and physically jumping over barrels? Chasing after Pacman around New York City in little Mini Cooper “Ghosts” was pretty fun. Kinda made me wanna play again. The special effects where everything explodes as pixels were also pretty neat. We watched this in 3D and I was glad we did because the extra dimension really helped boost the appeal of this movie. They did have some funny one-liners and jokes throughout the show but it just wasn’t enough. People have been debating as to who this movie is really targeted at… kids or adults who grew up with these games? There were lots of kids in the theatre but we overheard some say that they were confused and of course they would be! They probably didn’t know what the heck Galaga, Centipede or even Pacman were! So… if you’re into retro games and will appreciate all the little “cameos” throughout the movie, go watch it… for free if you can… actually just wait til it arrives on Netflix. Just try ignore the awful story and wait for the attacks 😛 Kinda like an RPG I guess haha!

If you do watch it in the theatre, stick around for the credits 🙂

Will you watch it? What did you think of it?

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