July 6, 2022

6 People You Could Meet at the Grouse Grind

Today I completed my 4th Grouse Grind of the year, which was a personal record at 1:20:52 by the way! I’ve been finding that it’s not just a physical challenge, it’s also an opportunity for someĀ interesting peoplewatching. I decided to write about some of the kinds of people I come across on the grind šŸ™‚

  1. The Unprepared – Every time I go up there is always someone wearing jeans, improper footwear or without a water bottle. It’s definitely decreased as time goes by but I wonder if people just ignore the warnings or they don’t research it well enough.
  2. The Runner – I admire these people because they have the strength and stamina to actually run up the grind. I am a long way from running up this steep trail.
  3. The Haulers – A friend mentioned he saw someone with a tire tied on his back and today I saw a guy carrying a big rock on his shoulder. It makes an already challenging workout even more gruelling with the extra weight.
  4. The Newbies –Ā The Grouse Grind is a must-do in Vancouver so there are always lots of people trying it out for the first time.
  5. The Regulars – They usually carry nothing but a bottle of water and their local’s pass. They go up, down, and gone. I guess I would fall in this category now.
  6. The Kids – A family that hikes together stays together… well most of the time. I’ve seen a lot of kids who motor up the mountain with ease and they don’t look like they’re breaking a sweat.

And once… I also saw a deer along the trail. Not a person but pretty cool nonetheless.

Oh deer! #grousegrind #northvancouver #hiking #wildlife @grousemountain

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