July 5, 2022

Affiliate: 10% Off Tiux Compression Socks

If you’ve seen my Instagram posts lately, you will see that I recently received a pair of black and neon Tiux compression socks.

They sent these to me so I can review it but it will take me a few runs before I can write a full review… but after 2 workouts in it, so far so good, I’m pretty happy with them. So I want to share with you a referral link that can get you 10% off your own pair. 

10% Off Tiux Compression Socks


Discount expires December 31, 2015

No doubt, good quality compression socks can cost around $80 a pair and that’s not feasible for many… especially for socks. Tiux creates a high quality product, cuts out the middlemen and passes the savings along to the consumer. For a pair of good quality socks, Tiux will only set you back $35 and that includes free shipping within US and Canada. You will not find them in stores nor will you see professional endorsements. They believe in letting their customers, runners of all levels like you or me, speak for the product. Give them a try (save an extra 10%)  and stay tuned in a couple weeks for a full review!

Disclosure: This post contains an affiliate link and I received free product for review purposes; however, all opinions are my own.

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