July 6, 2022

What’s On My Running Playlist

Music plays a huge part in my training. It motivates me to run faster and distracts me from whatever pain I’m feeling (well for the most part). I want to share with you some of the songs I’ve been listening to while I run because I know from personal experience how tough it is to find the right songs to pump me up. First, get to know my taste in music 🙂 I grew up and love grunge music but also have a soft spot for catchy cheesy 80’s and 90’s pop songs.

Vancouver skyline coming from near Granville Island


My absolute favourite band to run to is Green Day. Why? Their songs are punchy, fast, short, and catchy.

  • Hitchin’ a Ride – this has a good drum beat at a good pace you can time your strides with.
  • I Fought the Law
  • American Idiot
  • Basketcase
  • Longview – love the intro
  • Walking Contradiction
  • King for a Day

Here’s some old school punk to throw into the mix…

  • Blitzkrieg Bop by The Ramones
  • Judy is a Punk by The Ramones


  • Monkey Wrench by The Foo Fighters
  • Big Me by The Foo Fighters – This is a little slower but sometimes you need to slow down your pace a little.
  • Learn to Fly by The Foo Fighters
  • Battery by Metallica – If this won’t make you run fast, I don’t know what will.
  • Lump by The Presidents of the United States of America – Short, punchy and catchy!
  • Gremmie Out of Control by Pearl Jam – One of Pearl Jam’s rarities is a surf song that’s pretty fun to run to.
  • The Hardest Button to Button by The White Stripes – Again, drum beat!
  • Hotel Yorba by The White Stripes
  • Sunday Morning by No Doubt
  • Spiderwebs by No Doubt


  • China Girl by David Bowie
  • What a Feeling by Irene Cara – Nobody puts baby in a corner…
  • I Ran by A Flock of Seagulls – Feels like a flock of seagulls is chasing me
  • We Built This City by Jefferson Starship – Just pretend that big red die is rolling after you…
  • Eye of the Tiger by Survivor – This is so inspiring when you need it the most.

Pop / Dance

  • The Walker by Fitz and the Tantrums
  • This is What It Feels Like by Armin van Buuren – One of my favourite race starters.
  • Safe and Sound by Capital Cities
  • Human by The Killers – This has always sounded inspiring to me… another good race starter.
  • Shake it Off by Taylor Swift
  • Happy by Pharrell Williams
  • Young Folks by Peter, Bjorn and John

Do you have songs you love to listen to while running? Leave a comment and help me add to my list 🙂

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5 thoughts on “What’s On My Running Playlist

  1. Ok, I have to check some of these out – I need some new (to me) tunes too!!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I should start a playlist for when I go for my walk.

  3. Great choices! I think I need to get some of these for my iPod next time I hit the gym.

  4. Love this list! I just had my ipod stolen out of the car and need to add new music to my new one. I can’t run without wicked tunes! Thanks for this!

  5. Nice list! My personal favourite is also straight from the 80s: Don’t stop me now – Queen. I like to listen to Hot Chip, Hercules and Love Affair, Florence and the Machine and embarrassing RnB and electro that I would usually not touch. But for running it does wonders…

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