May 22, 2022

Recipe: Patatas Bravas from Sorted Food

I first discovered Sorted Food while watching a YouTube video by Global Cycling Network (which is an awesome cycling channel by the way… even a non-cyclist like me likes it). Anyway, I subscribed to Sorted Food’s YouTube channel and have been eagerly waiting for new episodes to come out. The way they present their videos is entertaining, the hosts are funny and the production quality is excellent.. plus, whatever they make always looks mouth-watering. If you like cooking, I recommend that you check them out 🙂

They released their Patatas Bravas recipe and it looked so easy and delicious, I just had to tell Cuski about it. It was as good as it looks and it was quick to make. I think it only took Cuski around half an hour to make. This would be perfect for a weeknight meal. We ate it tonight with Bavarian style rye bread but it also tastes good with rice (for those who can’t live without rice). Don’t put too much wine in and make sure it reduces. We had enough leftover sauce for another day. All we’ll have to do is fry up some more potatoes and chorizo sausage.

Here’s the video… and photos of our meal below. Happy cooking!

Patatas Bravas from Sorted Food, made by Cuski

Patatas Bravas from Sorted Food, made by Cuski

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