July 5, 2022

Recipe: Korean Barbecued Chicken (Dak Gogi)

This is one of our favourite recipes from Fine Cooking. It’s pretty easy to make, it just takes some time to marinate the chicken. The recipe recommends a marinating time of at least 2 to 12 hours. I started marinating the chicken thighs the night before at 8pm and didn’t start making dinner til 8:30pm the next evening. It was all good 🙂 You must make the Ssamjang sauce that it calls for. To cut down the spice, you can reduce the amount of red chilli paste. I put in 2 tablespoons instead of 2 and a half and it was just right for us.

Korean BBQ Recipe | Ssamjang recipe

Here are some photos… is your mouth watering yet?

Chicken in the marinade


The finished product - yum!

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