July 5, 2022

Run Update: 15km + Upcoming March Races

February 21st was a big day for me. It was the day I ran my longest distance to date… 15 km. I have been looking forward to it all week, getting mentally ready and planning out my route. I decided to run along the seawall towards Stanley Park for about 7km and then head back, get on the Lost Lagoon trail to get to the other side of the seawall in Coal Harbour and run back home via Cordova and Gastown. It was a perfect day for a 15km. The sun was out, it was warm… thank goodness I wore a tank top. I felt really strong…. I only stopped to take a photo and then off I went again. I just really took my time and focused on finishing the 15k in one piece. I’m happy to report that I did (1:40:10) and I felt wonderful knowing that I burned over a thousand calories that day. LOL I had another milestone in February… I ran 100km that month. WOW! I am still in shock. Let’s see if I can do it again…

Halfway through my 15k run

Injury or Initiation?

So after my 15 km run, I noticed my left knee has been hurting… and it was uncomfortable (and sometimes painful) to walk on flat surfaces or stairs. I decided to tone it down a bit by running only short distances 3 times the following week, icing daily, and getting an RMT to massage the knots out from my legs. Cuski also taped my knee up with KT Tape and all that seemed to help. I feel like I’m being initiated… like I’m not a true athlete until I have aches and pains and tape around my limbs 😛 Either way, I’m paying close attention to my body because I have a busy March ahead.

March Madness

My March Madness has nothing to do with the NCAA. I have a few races this month including the Hot Chocolate Run (10.4 km) this Saturday, the BMO St. Patrick’s Day 5k the following week, and the Modo Spring Run-Off 8k on the 22nd. All will be held at Stanley Park so I’ll be getting to know that seawall quite a bit this month. I only meant to race twice this month but if work is springing for an entry fee, how can I say no? Especially since it’s only a 5K.

2.5km left to my 100km goal in February

Follow my training on Strava and check back for a race review of the Hot Chocolate Run…. running for chocolate… what awesome motivation 😛

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3 thoughts on “Run Update: 15km + Upcoming March Races

  1. I truly admire people who run… it’s funny actually, my Hubs and I decided to start cross country training (he’s a runner already, I am NOT) we were in the woods and he turns around while jogging backwards (showoff) to look at me walking… I said, okay, I’m ready to run now, two seconds later I was on my face in the woods, that darn root, foiled my plans. Yep, I’m not a runner, but I do admire the dedication and drive that runners have, congrats and good luck in your journey!

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