January 19, 2022

Recipe: Carbonnade Flamande (Flemish Stoverij)

My childhood friend and her husband came over for dinner the other night and we decided to make something special… Stoverij, a traditional Belgian stew made with beer… and it is absolutely delicious! Cuski found this stovetop recipe online but we decided to make use of a slow cooker for some extra tenderness. Here’s what we did:

Recipe: Carbonnade Flamande (Flemish Stoverij)

  • We used a bottle of Nostradamus to marinate the beef in. We put the beef, garlic, and bay leaves in a ziplock bag and poured the beer into it. It stayed in the fridge overnight.
  • Since we’re adapting it for a slow cooker, we had to pre-cook a lot of things. The bacon was crisped and left to drain in a container with paper towel. The veggies and tomato paste (instead of purée) were all browned and sautéed the night before as well. The morning of, I dredged the already marinated beef and browned them in a pan. The bacon and the veggies were tossed straight in the slow cooker pot along with the browned beef, beer marinade and beef stock. Don’t forget the bouquet garni! 8 hours later… deliciousness. The meat was falling apart and the sauce was very thick and flavourful.
  • We served it over pasta but you can also serve it with rice or potatoes.

Recipe: Carbonnade Flamande (Flemish Stoverij)

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