July 5, 2022

Modo 8k & My First 21.1K Run

I’m ending March with 2 different milestones but let’s start with my last race of the month, the Modo Spring Run-Off 8k.

Photo by Carmen Marin

Blue corral at 13 min left #modo8k #runvan #runcouver #runlikeagirl

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Photo by Carmen MarinAs with the past two races (Hot Chocolate Run and St. Patrick’s Day 5k), it started and ended at the Stanley Park Pavilion. However, it was a completely different route. We started north and rounded the Vancouver Aquarium before heading west to run the seawall in a clockwise direction. It was a lively event, everyone was in good spirits, the sun was shining… everything added up to a great race day. I, on the other hand, was recovering from a night of eating lots of amazing food. I still felt bloated in the morning and I felt it during the run. I managed to maintain a decent pace of under 6:30/km and I found myself passing a lot of people… but after all, there was a lot of Photo by Carmen Marinus and we congested the seawall so that’s part of the reason why I had to pass people. It really didn’t open up until after the Lion’s Gate Bridge. I kept going and I was really happy, I thought I was gonna get a good time. My goal was 50 minutes and I was feeling pretty good… UNTIL the last kilometre. There was a bit of an uphill and I completely lost gas (again, ugh) but miraculously I managed to recover about 10 seconds later. I found that I wasn’t breathing properly and that’s what caused me to stop. Once I composed myself I kept going. I lost time but I didn’t care… I knew there was another hill coming so I just decided to take it easy. I ended the race strong, especially since I saw Cuski out front with the camera. I had just enough energy to burst past the people in front of me and I was done… Chip time was 50:26… 26 seconds over my goal but that’s ok… I’ll do better next time. We celebrated with scones at Stanley Park Pavilion.

Chomping medals with @cuski78 #modo8k #runvan #running #runcouver #runlikeagirl A photo posted by Jeannine Avelino (@vcbride) on

The race itself was very organized with lots of food for the runners: bananas, juice, yogurt, bagels… The medals are beautiful, my favourite of the bunch so far. You can also buy an iTab which will be engraved with your name and finish time. It’s magnetic and will just pop in nicely in the slot behind the medal. I bought one but I’m still waiting for it 🙂 I wouldn’t mind running this race again next year!

Check out the Modo Spring Run-Off 8k on my Strava.

My 21.3 km (T)Raining Run

I’ve already set my next challenge after the modo and started mentally preparing for it. 18 kilometres… It will be my longest run yet and a week after Modo was the day I set. I’ve been anxious about this run all week, especially since the weather forecast for that day kept getting worse and worse as the week went on. Soon they said it would be the wettest day of the weekend. The meteorologists were right. Saturday had pockets of sun so I decided to go for a quick run just to keep the legs moving… kind of like a warmup to Sunday’s run. That night I was even feeling a bit adventurous, thinking I should run that extra 3.1 km so that I can get the March Strava Half Marathon badge. What’s another 20 minutes after a 2 hour run? I decided to figure it out during the run.

18 km Turned 21.3 km

In preparation, I decided to do everything right for this run. I had a big slice of toast smeared with homemade guacamole, topped with a slice of Havarti for breakfast. I then drank a pre-workout energizer by Vega. I also packed a Vega endurance gel and mixed Vega hydrating powder in my bottled water. I created my route the night before and it involved running on the seawall to the Burrard Bridge, crossing the bridge and heading into Kitsilano, along Point Grey Road, and end at Jericho Beach… but that’s just the halfway point! I would then turn back and run towards False Creek again and head back via the seawall that passes through Olympic Village and Science World. This would total 19km. So I did my stretches, headed out at 1pm on the dot and I was drenched the moment I stepped outside. I kept a slow and steady pace and I felt the effects of the pre-workout drink. I felt pumped, strong and mentally focused. It wasn’t long until I was crossing the Burrard Bridge and about to head into new, unexplored territory: Kitsilano. One thing I should mention though… I made a spur of the moment purchase a few days before this run. I bought the Race to Place Run Hat from Lululemon and it saved me on this dreary and wet day. It kept the rain away from my eyes and I could barely feel it on my head. It was light and it didn’t move at all. I can’t wait to use it on an actual sunny day… but anyway back to the run.

Almost home #Strava #granvilleisland #runvan #running #vancouver A photo posted by Jeannine Avelino (@vcbride) on

I hit Jericho Beach and I was still feeling good so I decided to turn back when I hit 10km and go for the half marathon badge. I hit Locarno Beach and turned back. I went on a bit of a detour on West 4th because I couldn’t remember how to get back to Cornwall, but I managed to find my way back. I ate the endurance gel for some much needed fuel and… well that was interesting… I’ve never had a gel before and this one wasn’t the greatest. Not sure if the texture is supposed to be like that but it was a bit weird and not the best tasting. As fuel, it did its job. I found my way to Granville Island and I knew I was almost home… only 5 km left! The last 3 km’s were the most painful… as I knew that the end was near and of course my muscles decided to rebel. At this point, I was also out of my sports drink, so I pushed and somehow I managed to reach my doorstep in one piece. Moving time was 2:31:23 but total time was 2:45:33 which includes traffic lights, getting lost, and taking photos for Instagram. I felt great after and Cuski surprised me with guilt-free Krispy Kremes and poutine for dinner. I’m a lucky and happy girl. Next up, the Vancouver Sun Run.

Check out the run on my Strava.

Photos by Carmen Marin and @vcbride on Instagram

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