July 6, 2022

Vancouver Christmas Market 2014

IMG_9903Guten Tag! I managed to check out the Vancouver Christmas Market three times so far since it opened. I bought Groupons for it that allowed us entry on weeknights for cheap and included the mug, free cider (not Glühwein – that’s extra), and a carousel ride. I had fun last year and since I’ve been missing Germany, I definitely wanted to come back this year… despite having to pay for admission. (It’s free in Europe, sigh.)

The first night we checked the market out, it was POURING…. It was such a miserable night, but the plus side is that a lot of people stayed home so we weren’t jostling through crowds. What’s great this year is that when you buy admission, it’s good for the rest of the market season. Why didn’t they do that before? We walked around and did some shopping. I bought candles from Hartmont Candle Company at last year’s market and I was thrilled to see them again. Happy to say that my living room smells like a pine tree forest once again… We also grabbed dinner. Sorry I didn’t get to take photos but the Black Forest bratwurst and haxen on a bun were pretty good. Mmmm… schweinshaxe… For dessert, we wanted apple strudel but at 8PM, it’s not shocking that they ran out, so we got a cherry strudel instead.


I went back to the market on Grey Cup day, right when it opened. It was beautiful, sunny, but super cold. I went back so I can take some photos and do a bit more shopping. I also got to try the apple strudel finally, the portion size was decent and most importantly, it was yummy! (Although I had to eat it fast since it was cooling down so quickly because it was so cold outside.) I highly recommend the vanilla sauce rather than whipped cream. I also stocked up on Candy Meister candies and I think I’ll have to go back and get more. I even managed to practice my German a teensy bit, which was nice. Photography wasn’t allowed at Käthe Wohlfahrt but you should definitely check it out, just be careful you don’t knock anything over. You’ll find beautiful handmade and intricate Christmas ornaments there. They can be a bit pricey but the quality is there. They’re also one of a kind… I’ve started a tradition of buying an ornament from there each time I visit so… I’m up to 2! There’s lots to see and eat at this year’s market – I definitely recommend going back at least another few times, especially if you want to get on the carousel. Sometimes there’s just not enough time to do everything! Don’t forget to bring cash or be prepared to use the on-site ATM because most of the food vendors only accept cash, but a good amount of merchants do accept credit cards which was really nice and convenient. Here are some of my photos from the market… hope you like them! Auf Wiedersehen!

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