July 6, 2022

So I’ve Decided to Run…

New shoes and Spibelt from Running Room
New shoes and Spibelt from Running Room

I never liked running… in fact I’d do anything but run. I felt like I didn’t have the lungs for it. So why do I find myself signed up for the BMO Half Marathon in May next year? I must be insane… but really I’ve found a love for running that I didn’t realize I had. Here’s how it started…

Cuski decided to start running as part of his training for Cyclocross. I said “I’ll join you.” So basically it stemmed from me wanting to share another activity with him lol. Our first run was a short 4km but it didn’t feel like it to me. I was breathing heavily and I was so exhausted. Not to mention my legs were really feeling it the day after. The following week, we went for another run and to be honest, I felt better. I was surprised at how much improvement there was one week after my first run in ages. Week by week I noticed I was getting stronger, my endurance was improving. I no longer needed to stop every 2KM… it was great! Then came Strava… another way to keep track of my distance and progress. I ran 5KM one Saturday… the following weekend I ran 6KM. At this rate, 10KM will be nothing.

Halfway to running 6KM
Halfway to running 6KM

So why a half? I’m pretty competitive and I really enjoyed one-upping myself each week. I’m hoping that a 10KM run for me will be like a normal everyday run and the half will be the challenge that I’m looking for. After looking at the course map, I realized I’ll be running past my apartment and in the early stages of the race too. I will have to be strong and resist the urge to run towards my comfy bed lol. I think that a half will be enough though… I don’t think a marathon is in my future… running for over 4 hours is not fun… I have my limits lol.

Hope you’ll join me in my training journey! If you’re on Strava or Endomondo… follow me!

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2 thoughts on “So I’ve Decided to Run…

  1. I never liked running either but I liked the idea of being a runner. So I took it up in May 2013 and haven’t looked back since! I did a half that fall and the full BMO Van Marathon this May. I definitely surprised myself and I bet you will too!

    I did the half training more or less on my own but joined a Running Room clinic for the full. It definitely helped to run with a group and I met lots of great people! So excited for you … good luck!!! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Brie! I’m so excited about the half in May but also quite nervous. I’ve actually been sick for the last week and a half and all I can think of is… omg I’m losing out on my running training… ack! I want to join a Running Room clinic but I have to find one that works with me tough schedule. Otherwise… I’ll just be running the seawall.

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