March 24, 2023

Craft Beer: 33 Acres Brewing Co.

33 Acres Brewing Co.Today, Cuski and I went for lunch at 33 Acres Brewing Co. We wanted to go back there because we loved the beer he brought back once before… the 33 Acres of Ocean. It was so light and refreshing… very easy to drink for beginner beer drinkers like me. So we checked out the brewery… I loved the look of minimalistic white vintage. Another plus… they served Bestie pretzels, sausage and Nelson the Seagull sandwiches. YUM!

For lunch we shared the Carnivore sandwich by Nelson the Seagull (amazing – and the cilantro pesto wasn’t overpowering at all), as well as a glass of 33 Acres of Ojai, their organic amber ale. I think I liked it better than Ocean… it was very smooth and had a nice flavour to it… but still light. We brought home growlers of their Schwarzbier and 33 Acres of Life so we are looking forward to trying those too! In any case, I think 33 Acres will be a frequent stop for us… after all, there are a few more beers we haven’t tried yet. Here’s their beer list.

33 Acres Brewing Co. is located near Olympic Village at 15 W 8th Avenue in Vancouver.

Carnivore sandwich and 33 Acres of Ojai


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